It’s Tuen Ng Day, a dumpling festival by the Chinese…

Tuen Ng Day is an annual festival observed in China and on other Chinese-populated countries especially in South East Asia. So, Malaysia, my country (I am a Chinese) is not an exception. However, there is no holiday given in Malaysia for this day because it is not a major festival anyway. However, this festival is recognized as a public holiday in mainland China. So good…

For your information, this festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month in Chinese lunar calendar. Hence, it falls on different day every year on  Gregorian calendar we used.  This year, it falls today, on 23rd June 2012, and it’s a Saturday. That gives a good opportunity and no excuse to the Chinese families to get together to celebrate this festival respectively. Basically, there is nothing to celebrate from this festival, but there is a tradition of eating rice dumpling in occasion to this day. There are many different variety of rice dumplings available, and I’m basically okay with anything offered. (Image below from

I like to eat rice dumplings, but not to the point that it is considered my favourite. It’s good to have few rice dumplings to eat at this period of time once every year. Seeing it as a festive food like mooncake for Mid-Autumn Festival and tongyuan for Winter Solstice Festival would further gives interest to the Chinese to have it around the time of the festival. My sister bought  quite a lot, and I already had it for my breakfast lately. My dad had some too, intending to pass it to me, but I refused because once you keep on having the same food, you would get bored.

This post had been written earlier as I would be on company trip to Singapore on this day of the festival and so I couldn’t write this post of greeting right on this day alone. So right now, I am at Singapore, and with no laptop along as well as limited free time in Singapore, I would have no opportunity of access to the internet. So, I couldn’t have rice dumplings today or even go out for dinner together with my whole family which is usually emphasized in Chinese tradition. How about you? If you had no other much important things to do, then go back home, gathers with family and had a wonderful and harmonious meal together later. Don’t give excuse. Happy Tuen Ng Festival to all Chinese around the world once again! Enjoy!


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