Movie review: The Dictator (2012)

‘The Dictator’ is a 2012 comedy film that tells the heroic story of a North African dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. In the film, Sacha Baron Cohen who co-written the film starred in the leading role as Admiral General Aladeen, the ruler of the fictional Republic of Wadiya somewhere in the Middle East. The story follows his anti-democratic approach that leads to overwhelming anger from the public in New York City (as seen in this film) when he took a visit to the Western city.

He then turned into a firm and better person after his meeting with a woman that protested his approach but doesn’t know that he is Aladeen after his iconic beard is gone. Both started to develop a relationship while Aladeen on the other hand planned to go all out to find himself back into the ruler position after his uncle planned to take him down by hiring a political decoy. He then later supported the act of democracy. Well, that’s how the story goes basically. Sorry for the spoiler.

Well, I doesn’t know of Sacha Baron Cohen before until he starred on this film, which is his fourth feature film in a leading role. He is famous in comedic roles and this should be very suitable and good for him. And yes, he nailed the character very well, with very unique style especially on his speaking behaviour and expression. The whole movie centered mostly on his character and that how it develops with some other supporting themes, including the sensitive politic and race issues.

That are the selling point of the movie. I guess this movie must have received a lot of complaints as it touches on some sensitive issues in politics and races, and that would easily provoking anger from certain parties. This movie has been banned in several countries, including my country, Malaysia, and I think the reason is that the movie did involves some Islamic-related issues. For those purely going for movies for entertainment purpose, then this is a right movie. Don’t expect things to get serious from this film eventhough the story goes in a political background. There are quite a number of hilarious parts, with some highlighting on racism thingy again.

That’s all I have to say regarding this film. It’s a good film, and I see that this film had been receiving generally favourable and positive reviews too from major sources in the internet. Well, don’t see the film based on wrong perspective, then you would definitely enjoy the film, particularly the comedic style from Sacha Baron Cohen. The way he makes fun of some sensitive issues look awesome too, and I’m okay with all that. Overall, I rate this film 6.8. Not bad, but for me, is not funny or entertaining enough.

(Images from this post are obtained from variety of sources from the internet)


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