Going for company’s study trip to Singapore tomorrow.

Another working week almost comes to an end. I have worked on this company for exactly a month already. What I do everyday on this first five weeks is basically only facing the computer, editing some Autocad works from main drawings’ amendments to details, door and window schedules’ modifications. Around two weeks ago, I started to translate all the sketches for a proposed serviced apartment and hotel from my boss to Autocad, and that makes me part of this design task. I like this kind of work, rather than dealing with construction details every day which can be very boring and confusing. I seriously don’t like doing those detail drawings.

Today is the first time I followed my boss to the presentation of the hotel and serviced apartment’s proposal. Things turned out not very satisfying from both parties, and it appears that we have wasted our precious time which can be used for many other things. Hmm…like what my boss said, this is life…it’s hard. Yeah, I agreed to that statement. Sometime simple and uncomplicated life can be the best of all. So it seems now that we have to drop this whole thing. It looks so fantastic to us, but no one knows the wasted effort behind it. Now, I started to assist on another project, helping on the window schedule’s modifications. It’s so confusing. This is the first time I see an extremely complicated variety of windows on a single building. CW 2B (L). Do you know what that means? It’s actually a symbol for a particular window, and there is hundred of them that I need to look on. Crazy….

Tomorrow I am going to work half-day because later on, I would be joining some of my other colleagues for the company’s study trip to Singapore. This would gives us opportunity to explore and learn some interesting architecture from buildings in Singapore, and we can even have some discussion on it. It’s good to share the things we know. This trip would also enables me to get better understanding and communication with my working colleagues. But then, not all are coming. I have been quite busy recently, and tomorrow’s trip would be a quick break away from all those busy works. But then, when we would be returning on this Sunday, our weekend would be gone, and I would not be able to enjoy my typical weekend already. There is always a good and bad side to a thing. It is then up to us to decide on to think of it positively or negatively. I would see that as a learning trip while at the same time trying to enjoy it for a much interesting weekend.


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