Durian season is back!

I admit I ate a lot of durian recently. The durian season is back and there is a huge amount of durians out for sale now! Durian is declared as king of fruits and it’s one of my favourite fruits. When I was a small kid, I hate durian. My dad told me that I would run back into my room with the door closed when the whole family was enjoying durian. But now, I’m in love with durian. Whenever the annual durian season is back, I would ask my dad to buy it.

There is one roadside nearby my home  in Ampang roundabout near Cheras where a lot of stalls selling durian would be set up along the road. Whenever we passed by the area while driving, the strong smell of durian easily penetrates into the car. Well, this is one of the ways to attract passing drivers to stop by to purchase a few before continuing on the driving journey. When the durian season is back with a lot of durians being brought out for sale, traffic congestion is inevitable over that particular area. Some would drive much slower when passing the area to take a look of how busy and happening the stalls are, while some would think for a moment or two at the same time on whether to get down for the durian sale. That is how traffic jam came about recently.

The type of durian that I love the most is the ‘Musang King’. It’s one of the most expensive type of durian offered. But the price is extremely high for it. Usually, the cost for ‘Musang King’ is at minimum RM20 per kg. So one durian of this type would cost easily over RM30. The taste is extremely delicious for this type of durian which appears to be in yellowish and very appealing. D24 is nice too as the flavour from this type of durian is not only sweet but also there is a bit of bitterness that further complements the taste. D101 which is among the cheapest, has only sweet flavour and nothing else. So, in the end, I prefer ‘Musang King’ but it’s so expensive. I have eaten it just now…yummy! The creamy texture of durian is so tempting.

I seriously had a very huge amount of meal for dinner just now. I had a typical rice-based meal with my dad a bit earlier before having some durians at home. Then, I ate a carrot cake and half bowl of curry wantan mee which belongs to my sister but she couldn’t finish it. That’s a lot for a dinner to me. Now, I’m seriously full. If you offer me durian now, I also couldn’t afford to eat it already. My stomach has closed its door, and in the process of a long digestion. Being full gives me a very comfortable and good feeling now, but what’s still lacking now is rest. I feel like want to sleep already eventhough it’s now not even 10 pm. I’m so tired now because I didn’t sleep at all on Saturday’s night, and the short 7-hours sleep on Sunday’s night still seems insufficient to me. Have to put a stop to this post, so that I can have some little time for online before getting to bed. Bye…


2 Responses to “Durian season is back!”

  1. hello Vincent I’m a traveler visiting KL now, live near by KLCC. I’d love to try musang king, please text me detail address about the durian street you mentioned. Thank you a lot. I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. Sincerely, Young. 010 528 3049

    • vincentloy Says:

      sorry…the durian street would only have durian stalls selling during the fruit season. Not now. Have to wait few more months for the next durian season, then the street would be busy with many stalls selling durian of nice quality and low price.

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