Happy Father’s Day to my dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all dedicated, loving and caring fathers in the world! This greeting is dedicated particularly to my dad who turned 54 years old this year. Eventhough he would not have the opportunity to see this post (he didn’t go online), but I hope he would still know that my heart goes all out in love and appreciation to him for over so many years of dedicated contribution to the family. This is especially after my mom passed away around five years ago when my dad became the only parent to my family that had to take on bigger responsibility on all of us when we are still small.

Now, me and my three elder sisters have reached beyond twenty years of age respectively. My eldest sister has married with two sons currently, while my second sister had been very much behaved and always stay at home now, and I, myself had completed degree study last year and started working by now. We have grown up, but we will never forget our parents’ contribution, love and care to us in all the ways that they could. On this Father’s Day, I am here to say a big thank you to you, my dad, sincerely from my heart.

Too bad, my eldest sister who is the one organizing  a special dinner on this day for my dad felt ill had to cancel the plan. In the end, we have to had our dinner at the same place every weekend which is kind off boring. Nevermind, we would have that dinner treat for my dad next week to replace the cancelled plan today. And I think today there must be a lot of people going to those air-conditioned, higher class restaurants for this special day. So, we won’t have to face that…Anyway, what’s most important is not the celebration or dinner treat but is our sincerity on showing our token of appreciation and love to our beloved dad.

Today is a long day for my family. This is the day when we had to make hard decision to move my grandma to a elderly care centre nearby as we couldn’t afford and with no further ability to cope with the difficulties of taking care of my grandma who is now 87 years old. Everything turned out to be so hard and difficult for us, until to the point that we need to do this. But in the end, we would still love our grandma and would never forget her. Hope her legs recover soon and that her Alzheimer’s disease would not deteriorate so quick. My dad had tried his best and we all knew it. Hope he won’t have any much hard feeling that affects him seriously recently from this issue. Happy Father’s Day to you, my dad!


One Response to “Happy Father’s Day to my dad!”

  1. your the best dad in the world

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