The haze returns…

It’s the time of the year again for the haze to conquer the sky over here in Malaysia. If I’m not mistaken, the air here started to get hazy from last week alone and is getting worse recently. There is even news published today over the worsening situation of the haze especially in Klang Valley region. The air pollution index in several areas increased to the unhealthy stage by this afternoon, and there seems to be no stop to it.

The reason is; it is predicted by the weather forecast that there wouldn’t be any rain up until mid or end of next week. That is so long from now. Ahhh, well at least a rainfall could turn the atmosphere slightly better. But there would be no rain up until next week! We would be experiencing dry and hot atmosphere up until September, and this haze would worsen things up. Increasing number of recorded hotspots over in Sumatra contributed to this as always, and this lead to annual visit by the haze to Malaysia. What to do? We can’t do anything. The monsoon on this period of time is not helping. Be careful and spend more time indoor especially to those who are sensitive to bad air or to those having asthma record.

Well, the haze didn’t really affect much on me as I spend most of my time daily indoor. Being inside my working office over eight hours a day, with the rest of the time in my bedroom and in my car is the reason why the haze isn’t producing any much impact on my daily lifestyle. What I see is only the blurry environment outside while I am inside my office or bedroom enjoying or freezing under the cold air-conditioning. It must be hard and suffering for those who have to work outdoor under the sun and such weather would eventually make things worse.

Cover your mouth and nose with mask if the condition worsen. I remembered the last time I was wearing a mask is during a serious haze that clouded KL city in darkness even in the morning back several years ago when I was in secondary school. The seriousness of that lead to closure of all the schools, and we as the students are so happy for it actually. Haha….Don’t know whether the haze this year would gets as worse as that or not. Even if it is, it won’t affects my mostly-indoor lifestyle in the end. To the people out there, drink more water and try to avoid spending much time outdoor if unnecessary. That’s for your own good and health. Let’s get prepared to face the haze and its consequences like the drop of visibility and the bad air inhaled into our lungs. We don’t want that, and it’s coming to us every year. Haiz…


One Response to “The haze returns…”

  1. yeah, haze is back jor, take care ya~

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