Movie review: The Grey (2012)

‘The Grey’ is a 2012’s thriller film with story revolves on a number of men stranded in wild Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits, as a pack of grey wolves stalks them. For me, the movie’s title (The Grey) is more than just referring to the grey wolves portrayed in this film that did numerous attacks to the plane-crash survivors. The title for me also refers to the overall setting and mood of the film, in a mostly black and white environment with dark event within the snow. A simple title, yet provides amazing multiple representation of the movie overall.

This film is not the typical B-rated human-killing movie by predators. There are substantial character’s development, especially to Liam Neeson who portrayed as John Ottway, the main character that leads the group of survivors from the deadly attack by the wolves in the wild Alaska. The movie also touched on religious issue, picking on the heartless of nature and God. It is actually good that the film touches on such issue as this kind of thing is inevitable in such life-or-death situation portrayed in the film. Forget about the bad critics forwarded to this film regarding that issue. Whenever it comes to a situation like what appears in the film, you would automatically question the existense of God and the heartless of nature. It’s not intended to show no respect or belief to God in the end.

The performance by the casts are generally good. They portrayed their characters very well, stranded in the freezing wild Alaska with sufficient amount of acting on that. For the wolves, I am surprised that the wolves portrayed in the film look so real. Are those fierce wolves present in the film real? I think it’s not since that would pose serious risk to the casts. So, then I can say the CGI effects are good on it. And one more thing, I am also surprised that wolves’ attack can be portrayed as something so exciting and thrilling on this film. There are quite a number of attacking scenes, that won’t keep you bored throughout the movie.

What’s good on this film is not purely on how good the plot is or how well the casts performed or how extreme the wolves can be against the humans. The film also highlights the significance of man’s interior struggle for survival. This theme is being carried out very well throughout the whole film. Some might give up even their life after trying so hard and tired over so many things ( in this film, the freezing nature of the place and the numerous approach by the deadly wolves). It’s not intended to teach the viewers to perceive life negatively, but sees it with depth. Hope you understand what I mean. Once you watched this film, you would know. Overall, it’s a good thriller film, but obviously I was focusing more on how intense and great the attacking scenes by the wolves are in this film, and it’s cool. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Grey’ a total of 7.3.


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