Reached level 100 in Cityville…cool…but that’s not the highest level yet…

It’s been starting to get stressful at work beginning this week. More and more things are needed to be finished before the deadlines. More and more tasks are on my hands. I have to say that I’m very new to all that works which are more on construction detailing. This week, I began to get stuck in some areas and that seriously delaying my progress in works. I admit I had been not productive yesterday. Once I get back home, I have to think of a way to reduce my pressure.

And yes…games! I return to the only online MMORPG game I played; Runescape. I began to play this fun game many years ago, but then nowadays, I would only come back when there is some special event going on. Ahh, there is a new task for players in conjunction with the Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, and I finished the task with awesome reward. I also took the 15-days free member-trial which would ends tomorrow. I took that opportunity to venture into the member’s area and complete some simple member-only quests.

What I wish to mention here today is actually that in few minutes ago, I managed to reach Level 100 in Cityville game, a very famous Zynga’s game which can be played in Facebook. I played this game from the time it is firstly introduced (back in December 2010) and finally, I reached level 100, a very impressive achievement not many players can achieve. It is not the highest level available in the game yet (and I don’t know what is the highest level) but I am glad I have came this far to reach this point. Level 100 is not easy to achieve. It took a very long period of time and frequent times of play to get to that milestone. I’m happy that I successfully reached that level today. I would continue playing it, along with many other active Cityville’s players.

I admit that I am a very active player of Cityville game. I would automatically went into Zynga’s website and turned to this game everyday after work when I get back home and turned on my laptop. Before I sleep, I would also return to the game once again of which I would use up all the energy restored at that moment. That is my daily routine, which is effective for levelling up fast after days and days of continuous playing. What’s my problem now with the game is that I couldn’t expand further my city area due to the restricting population limit determined by the number of community buildings found in the city. But there is no more good and worthy community buildings to build already!


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