Movie review: Piranha 3DD (2012)

‘Piranha 3DD’ is the sequel to the 2010’s ‘Piranha 3D’ film. Why is there an additional ‘D’ to the title? It represents double, which means this is the second film that would brings double action…and also for adult reason. Piranha 3D two years ago is a nice and terrifying film. I watched that in cinema, and so the feeling was much more intense and horrifying with presence of many disturbing images and shocking scenes. Finally, its sequel arrived to theatres and it is a must-see for people who enjoyed the first film. Piranhas are coming back for attack once again!

This latest sequel didn’t go far from that. I watched that from my laptop yesterday’s night and I could still feel the horror within it. However, this sequel works in a bit different approach. While maintaining horror elements, the movie adds in some ‘hard-to-explain’ moments that distinguish it from the first film that works solely on creating shock and horror to the audiences. I also don’t know how to explain that particular ‘extra’ that are found on this ‘Piranha 3DD’. You have to watch it to know what I mean. There is also an addition of ‘fun’ background music played during the climax scene when piranhas start attacking people on the pool. That produces a very weird yet unique feeling…something special. I don’t know what’s the purpose for adding that…it’s not compatible together in the end. I would still prefer scary music or even no music at all played during the attack scene on the pool that would not interrupt the intensity development of the climax.

The presence of disturbing images from this film is not as much as from the first film. I expected more gory and frightening images, and the film replaces that with adult elements. Anyway, there is still a number of shocking scenes. Some ‘sudden’ scenes really do freak me out eventhough their arrival is predictable. So, this film similarly to the first one is not recommended for people with weak heart or heart attack. Well, some scenes came too illogical and hard to believe in, especially a part when a piranha sneaks into the body of a woman and only gets out for attack during sex scene. The ending is also ridiculous when it is found out that the piranha species could walk on land. I guess the ending is produced to create some sort of suspense, but it’s a bit illogical just like the ending on the first film as well. It makes the piranha to appear so much more deadly, and there is nothing to see after that.

The cast performance is fairly acceptable. The cast comprises mainly of young cute-looking boys and girls. Every cast did their part quite well, and some of them appeared to have truly immersed themselves into the right and realistic emotion dealing with the terrifying creatures that now can go through man-made drainage system to reach to the pools. So now, not only that the river, lake or the sea are dangerous, but also the pools. The return of the security guard who had lost both of his legs from the incident in the first film and flashback of some scenes from the first film are good to take us back into the memory of what we have seen in the first film. For visual effect, it’s quite good but there is not much to show off compared to the first film. The piranha still looks real and horrifying on this one. Overall, it’s a good film, but not as exciting as the first one. I rate ‘Piranha 3DD’ a total of 6.9.


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