UEFA 2012 begins tonight…

Beginning tonight until to the next month, the boys would tend to stay up till midnight to watch the football matches in UEFA 2012. It is one of the most anticipated and biggest football event besides than the FIFA World Cup. So, it would be usual if you see more boys with ‘panda’ eyes and tired face nowadays because they are willing to reduce their sleeping time for it. That’s not the case for me. I don’t really like to watch or even play football. I would only watch some very famous matches. For this UEFA, I think I would only watch the  final and maybe the semi-finals as well with the main reason of joining the majority for the excitement. I don’t really know why I don’t like football on which boys are usually attached to…maybe it’s family reason as my whole family including my dad had no interest on this sport as well. That’s not weird anyway.

The short opening ceremony would be held tonight with the opening game between Poland and Greece. All 31 matches are to be broadcast live from Astro, and even some important and most sought after matches get to be broadcast live from one of the non-paying government channels over here in Malaysia. Tonight is only the beginning of a month-long football craze. But I bet mamak stalls with TV would have more customers beginning tonight. It is Malaysian’s style to enjoy football matches from bigger projector screen available in some mamak stalls or food courts here. But that’s cool, isn’t it…that situation would creates a much more happening and enjoyable mood..having to see the exciting matches in a huge crowd. You tend to feel ‘more’…

Well, there would be some girls watching this football championship too. This is not targeted only for males. Why? Ahha…the girls would watch UEFA not because of having interest in football, but because of presence of many good-looking football players going to play for this championship. The girls would be obsessed with the boys playing while the boys would be obsessed with how great the quality and how exciting these football matches would be. For me, I’m not obsessed with anything from this games. That is why I don’t even highlight this major event into my blog’s header for this particular month on which I would usually use major event as the theme to my blog’s header for the respective month.

Like what I have said early, I have no interest on football, but I think I would watch the final, only if when I am not tired on that particular time. Which team do you think would win UEFA this year? Any guess? I bet there must be some hot favourites out there, but since I don’t really pay attention to such thing, I don’t know about that. I am going to pay more attention on the upcoming London 2012 Summer Olympic Games which is going to be held from July to August this year after UEFA 2012. This year’s UEFA is held in two countries, Poland and Ukraine with the final match on 1st July. 16 European countries are qualified to participate on this cup held once in every four years (similar to other big games). The previous champion is Spain. This year’s champion? We would know that on the first day of July (which means 2nd July over here in Malaysia).


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