There goes the end of another weekend…haiz

On last Friday which is the first day of the month, I am quite excited and in good mood because the weekend is coming! After 5 days of working, it’s time to get excited and enjoyable for the Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday is the birthday celebration of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong which is a public holiday and my father didn’t work on the day. So, we planned for a great weekend.

On Friday’s night alone, I head back to have dinner with my dad as I’m bored of having similar meals from the mamak restaurant below for almost everyday. Then, I followed him back and had a night stay over after playing rummy with the opposite neighbour, and then continued with own family until over 3am in the midnight. It’s my favourite game that I have learnt many years ago when I was still a kid. There is no room left since my former bedroom in my dad’s home had been allocated for my grandma..and so I have to sleep on sofa that night.

Then, comes the lovely weekend beginning Saturday. Forget about the King’s birthday. It’s not related to us and what matters is only the holiday for my dad. So, everyone is free and we played rummy once again for a shorter period of time before leaving to Pavilion KL for a movie. My previous visit to the mall is almost half year ago. That is long. In conjunction with the midterm break for students on which there are still a week of holiday to go for the children, a Madagascar’s themed playground had been set up in the central atrium that works similarly like the Mickey Mouse’s collections’ exhibition in Mid Valley Megamall to attract more visitors especially the children. But for Pavilion KL, it’s more fun for the kids as they can play around there.

We went for the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. The movie is released recently and it’s selling very fast. Luckily, we purchased the tickets much earlier through online service and we had good seats. This latest film adaptation of the famous Snow White’s fairy tale is a good movie and you can check out my movie review for it in my previous post. It’s a huge review and it seems that I have a lot of interest on writing about it. We had dinner at Dragon-I restaurant and there came my favourite dish of the restaurant, Shanghai’s ‘siew loong bau’ (small meat dumpling). Tastes so good! Love it!

So fast it’s Sunday. I went back to my dad’s home as usual for every Sunday to have lunch and dinner with my family including my uncle. The time between is definitely allocated for rummy game again as usual. We won’t get bored playing this tile games. Today is not a day of great luck for me as I lost in the end. I always win, but not today. In the beginning, I lost quite a lot, then out of sudden, my luck came and I won back. And after several hours of play before going for dinner, everything turns not well for my game, and I lost. Luckily, only around RM 10 is deducted from my wallet for that. Little amount only…

Ahh, after dinner, I went back to my sister’s home and my sister bought durian! Nice! I love durian. I just finished eating that, and then I wrote this post. An hour left before the clock strikes 12am that marks the end of Sunday. There goes the end of another lovely weekend for me. Saturday and Sunday for me comes and goes very fast. I’m now back to a boring and moody state facing another five long weekdays. Now I wish the next weekend would comes very quick!


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