The beginning of four-days mega celebration for diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

I’m not a British and I’m not in England currently as well. But I think most of the people from across the globe would get to know about the diamond jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a national event for United Kingdom, but the news go worldwide as it is a grand celebration held to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. She is currently the second longest reigning British monarch, only behind Queen Victoria that ruled for 63 years and 216 days (year 1837 to 1901) according to the information I read. 1952 was the year when she became the rightful successor to the throne from her father, King George VI…and that is exactly sixty years ago.

The atmosphere is happening and cool over in United Kingdom, especially in London when there are a lot of events planned ahead on this four-days of celebration. It’s holiday over there as to allow people to get few days of break to enjoy, gather and participate together on multiple events organized. There were street parties held with the involvement of the royal family to engage with the public and to bring up the atmosphere to another level.  Queen Elizabeth II  joined an armada of 1,000 boats in a gilded royal barge down London’s River Thames on Sunday which is the highlight of the four-days nationwide celebration.

Hundreds of thousands of people armed with “Union Jack” flags and wearing red, white and blue clothes and hats, poured into the capital from early morning, braving wind and rain to line the 7-mile (11 km) route of one of the largest flotillas ever seen on the river. Up and down the country, millions more were due to attend diamond jubilee street parties over the long holiday weekend in honour of the 86-year-old queen. Organisers say Sunday’s pageant will be the largest of its kind in 350 years since a similar spectacle was held for King Charles II and his consort Catherine of Braganza in 1662.

Celebrations will continue on Monday with a pop concert outside Elizabeth’s London residence Buckingham Palace, where Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder will be among the acts. Madness are set to take to the roof of the famous landmark to belt out hit song “Our House”. The long weekend will conclude with a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Tuesday followed by a carriage procession along the broad Mall leading to Buckingham Palace where the queen will wave to the crowds from the balcony. Historians and commentators say the jubilee and the pomp and pageantry synonymous with British royal occasions gives the country a sense of national pride at a time when the economy is in recession and people face deep austerity measures. The government also hopes it will kick-off a summer of revelry capped off by the Olympic Games in London which will raise the public’s spirits and their own poll ratings.

It must be now very festive over there in London. Everyone is happy for the holiday and the celebration, and it’s a very good opportunity to get to meet with the royal family. How I wish I could be there to enjoy all the things organized for the diamond jubilee celebration. Queen Elizabeth II has been a very influential and famous monarch figure in the world and her diamond jubilee celebration shall be seen as something grand and epic in honour of her. And the good thing would not stop after this as a month later, a global sporting event would kicks off; London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

(Information and images from this post are from The Star Online)


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