Har, May 2012 gone already?…So fast…it’s June now…

The previous month, May 2012 had been a very ‘refreshing’ and challenging month for me. That is the month that I made a very important decision that would change my future for this coming few years. At first, I decided to continue to Master study for two years after graduated with degree on December last year. I did apply, but then as time passes with no response and I’m already frustrated by the treatment of my application, I decided to put it to stop. The plan to continue for Master is still there, but would not be carried out at this point of time or any soon.

So, last month I went out looking for job instead with main objective of gaining experience in the field. Many of my previous classmates didn’t go for Master and they go straight for job. Well, now I’m going towards that direction also, but a bit later. Nevermind, there is still a lot of time for me as I would only turn 21 by end of this year. After several applications and interviews, I finally got a job as an assistant architect in a small humble design consultancy company in KL. The last two weeks for the month of May marked the beginning of my working life. And so it means a lot to me. Now, I started to get well with the working environment eventhough it’s quite challenging and energy-consuming on this career.

For this new month of June, I’m looking forward to further and quickly improves my performance in the architecture field. I would have to learn fast and quick on all the matters, from Autocad skill to experience in other matters like documentation, submission to authority, site meeting and observation, etc. There are a lot of things for me to learn, and I’m up for it. Yes, I admit it is quite tiring and boring working in the same manner every day for over 8 hours, but that’s the life of an architect and I have to deal with it, which the serious ‘business’ would starts this month eventually. Stressful days ahead….Ahh, a bit to be happy of as I got my salary of my first few days of working last month already.

When I was thinking what to put for this month’s blog header just now, I suddenly thought of broken glass and that has driven me to have this blog’s header. It’s an edited image of a broken glass observed from a much closer position. The idea behind it is not on the glass itself, but is on the impact brought to the glass. It somehow represents that beginning of this month onwards, I would be starting to leave some kind of impact on the working industry through architecture. Well, it’s just the beginning and the ‘impact’ must be very minimal. But I hope that is a good start, and that this month would be good for me in my very first job in this field started last week.

By the way, let’s say goodbye to the month of May. That’s it. Five months of the year are gone….so quickly which I didn’t do ‘anything’ basically! Being lazy all around. June arrived…and it is still now the midterm break for students. Happy Holiday to the kids! Have fun this holiday before continuing on the last half of the year dealing with final examination. Well, for adults like us, we have to keep working and wait for public holiday or weekend. Hope that this June 2012 would be a very smooth and great month for me and all! Well, I sort of knew what to put for next month (July) blog header already…it’s very predictable…I think you can even guess it.


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