Now, Malaysia have its own A380

After years of waiting and delay, Malaysia finally had its A380 plane landed today in Kuala Lumpur International Airport from Toulouse, France. A380 is the world’s largest and fuel efficient aircraft in the world. MAS is the eighth carrier in the A380 club, the others being Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France, Qantas, Lufthansa, Korean Air and China Southern Airlines. Singapore Airlines is the first in the world to use the aircraft for flight, while Emirates has the highest number of orders; 90 for this aircraft at this moment.

The 73m-long A380 can carry up to 494 passengers and offers one of the best seating arrangements of the industry for its first class cabin. It will take to the skies for commercial flights on July 1 on the lucrative Kuala Lumpur-London-Kuala Lumpur daily route. A second A380 will be added to the system by August, with delivery expected in July. MAS, in 2003, ordered six A380 aircraft and the first delivery was scheduled for 2007. However, there was a five-year delay by the aircraft manufacturer.

It’s good for our country to have the world’s largest aircraft. But wait a minute, isn’t that our Malaysia Airlines currently suffer huge amount of losses every year, and yet still has the money to buy A380 which I believed would be very expensive looking at its massive size and lavish interior? Our government has to put in a lot of money to support our national flight company every year, and if the finance problem continues, those money which would be much more beneficial for other purposes would have to be wasted and be given to Malaysia Airlines. I would rather not to have that A380 which is bought just to show that our country is capable of having that aircraft.

Since it has been bought already and even had landed today in the country, I have no things to say. It’s here to serve for flights beginning July. But still, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to get on board this aircraft any time soon as it would be used for very long flights (for international long haul). It would be used for flights only to London, Amsterdam and Sydney as planned. I’m not the one that keeps getting on plane and I think I wouldn’t be going to that three places any time soon, but I can say that I’m good enough to have at least board a plane twice or more every year for oversea trips. Hmm…I couldn’t imagine how large this aircraft is compared to the others because I have not seen it from my own eyes with other planes. I also wonder how comfortable would it be sitting on this plane. Ticket to this aircraft must be more expensive than the usual rate, I guess….Hope I can take a look at this big baby of KLIA by this coming August when I would be taking a flight to Vietnam for a trip…but too bad, not by this plane.

A380, a journey of epic proportions, the pride of our nation.



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