Weekend gone so quick!

Ahh…it’s now over 12am in the midnight, and it’s Monday by now. Ohh, have to wake up very early in the morning and get to work. Time flies. I have already work as an assistant architect for a week long. Nowadays, after I get back from work and had dinner, I would be very tired and without wasting more time, I would then go to bed. Last week alone, the average time I go to bed is 10pm, much to the surprise of my eldest sister. That is so early. Haha…It is because that previously when I was on my break, I would only sleep when it’s over 1am in the midnight. So it’s at least three hours earlier.

Well, now I have to wake up by 7am everyday, many hours earlier than the previous time I woke up when I had no work to go for. So it’s quite acceptable that I sleep very early this time. At first I thought that working in the office the whole day facing only the computer wouldn’t be very tiring, but in the end, I was wrong. It is quite energy-consuming and boring actually when I had to work on those AutoCad drawings for almost 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Furthermore, I’m not expert on using that software. Neck pain is a usual problem I had everyday, thanks to the constant exposure and fixed position over to the computer on my seating place.

Now, I wish I could get to do other works or even go outdoors for some other tasks that I am required to learn as an architect. Now, all I have to do is to wait for opportunity to learn and to adds up to my knowledge in this particular field. After working for a week already, I started to get to adapt to the working environment there. Whenever a week starts, I would wish for weekend to come quick. But then, for the previous weekend, it comes and goes too fast for me. It’s like there is not enough break for me, and I have to get back to work for another five full days beginning only few hours later before the next weekend arrives.

Hmm…On last Saturday, I spent my time going online and playing some Facebook games until afternoon. Then, I went to Mid Valley with both of my sisters and that’s the end of the day. Huh…Then on yesterday (Sunday), I went back to my dad’s home (my previous home) as usual and play rummy games with them. Then, at night, it’s dinner time together with my uncle on the very same place. And that’s the end of my Sunday. Ohh..no…Monday came, and there gone my lovely weekend. Have to stay on for five more days for the next weekend to come which is the only time for me to get sufficient rest and joy to my life every week. How I wish the school holiday beginning today for a total of two weeks applies similarly to working people like us as well. Haha…then it would great! Okay…I dream too much already…haha…going to sleep now. Bye!


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