China won Thomas and Uber Cup 2012…as expected.

I didn’t watch the final match since Malaysia is not involved on it. Malaysia this time even failed to even get to the Finals of this championship for Uber Cup as our women badminton team is extremely poor compared to the others. Luckily, there is still something to see for from this tournament as our men badminton team advanced successfully into the Finals of Thomas Cup held concurrently with the Uber Cup. But that is not long, as Malaysia stopped at quarterfinal after losing to China. So overall, I didn’t watch the whole championship this time.

Both China and South Korea defeated their opponents in semi-final stages and both proceeded to enter into the final for both Thomas and Uber Cup. So its basically the fight between two countries all together. This two countries have performed very well and they both truly deserved to get into final. Uber Cup’s final was on Saturday and China defeated South Korea by 3-0 for a clean sweep and win over the cup for the 12th time. That is an extreme record for China. The country finally win back the cup after their defeat to South Korea in previous edition back in 2010.

Today is the day for Thomas Cup. It’s again the match between China and South Korea. Correct to my prediction as well, China won the cup once again. China won 3-0 over South Korea quite easily and it seems that there isn’t any big challenge ahead of China, the defending champion. The record shows that the country had won the cup for a total of 9 times, with this latest one added for its’ 5th consecutive win over the cup.Another impressive record. China definitely overwhelms on this sport, and it looks like that the country is ready to grab many gold medals in the sport to be contested in the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games. They are way too strong, and it seems really hard for other countries like South Korea, Malaysia or Indonesia to compete with them. Nevermind, I think our national badminton team would try our best.

China is now again very proud over their achievement, of winning both of the cups for this edition. Many years ago, it was a bright time for Indonesia and Malaysia in the history of this Thomas Cup’s championship. It’s either Indonesia or Malaysia that would win the cup. In recent years, it was all China in the end. All our previous wins became old and forgotten history already. Our national badminton team seriously needs some recent or latest wins to bring up the spirit once again and to prove to the other countries especially China that they are not alone in this sport.


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