Went to Mid Valley today to check out the Mickey Mouse exhibit and PC Fair

Today I accompanied my eldest sister and her two sons to Mid Valley Megamall to check out the Mickey Mouse exhibit and the PC Fair.My second sister suggested this and came along to fetch us. It’s super serious traffic congestion on road leading to the mall. Many planned to go to the mall today. Yesterday onwards, I started seeing people sharing images showing some Mickey Mouse exhibits displayed in the centre court of Mid Valley Megamall. It’s now the beginning of mid-year break of two weeks for kids, and the mall took this opportunity to have this Mickey Mouse collections on display to attract more visitors especially for kids enjoying their holiday. So the kids love that, and the adults love that too.

It’s also a very good idea of bringing back the icon of Mickey Mouse to this day when other cartoon characters like Angry Birds are more popular nowadays. No matter how long it is, Mickey Mouse still stays on a place in everyone’s heart. And yes, the collections’ display is very successful on attracting large number of spectators, even on this day alone when I visit the mall. Most of the people were assembled all around the centre court to view each and every display, ranging from small-sized ones placed in boxes to huge version of Mickey in the center that rotates on its own.  Many were seen taking pictures, and I’m one of them. It’s just very hard not to take out my phone to take a picture or two…and I took more than ten in the crowd. But I would just post five pictures here. Check out all these yourself when you are free.

Some displays really look very interesting, while some are not that good. Well, there are a lot of different type of appearance given to Mickey, thanks to creative design applied to this familiar icon from costumes, colours, make-up, etc. We couldn’t stand longer in that area as the crowd was really huge. Everyone is busy viewing the display, and getting ready for pictures. I think I would suffocate if I don’t leave after taking some quick photographs. It’s really a lot of people. There are also kiosks nearby selling Mickey-featured items which are suitable for kids, and so my eldest sister bought some at a very low price for her sons, my two cute nephews.

Then we had dinner in Nando’s Restaurant in which I have not been to for a very long time already. What’s disappointing is that the chicken served was too small, and we were seriously not satisfied with the amount served,…and yet the price is that expensive. Before we leave, we proceed to the PC Fair on the highest floor. Another area with huge number of people. And this time, there are a lot of promoters surrounding you and keep promoting their stuff until I find it very annoying sometimes. I know that they just do their job but I couldn’t stand being disturbed all the way…and I have to say that I had no interest to stop the interruption despite having intention to check out about it.

All the things are sold in much cheaper and affordable prices. It’s very happening there, until to the point that I can say it’s like a war zone. We went in for a round just for a while as we hate this kind of crowded situation. In the end, me and my second sister bought one USB flash drive of 8GB respectively in a very low price. And it’s waterproof. I like the design of pen drives nowadays; it looks slim, cool and fabulous. I can still remember that last time in many years ago when pen drives are not a usual stuff and is newly introduced, the cost of buying one with only 2GB is already very expensive. Now, it’s so cheap. Well, the highlight of the PC expo is the kiosk located at the main entrance selling Nokia Lumia, the latest gadget by Nokia. But people nowadays would still prefer Apple items more like Iphone or Ipad.


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