3D public street art is so trendy nowadays…but why I can’t see even one in Malaysia?

Well, there are some beautifully drawn graffiti over some walls in Kuala Lumpur, but those are not really ‘seen’ by the passerby. Well, most of these works in KL are on walls along streets that are quiet and hence these existing art does not attract much attention. The other reason is that most of this work are from the act of vandalism and it’s not nice to be seen especially by foreign visitors. Well, the city needs some addition of creative art to further activate the built environment and to engage people with the public streets. And this 3D public art is a good example.

Well, this form of art has been very trendy lately, but most are produced in oversea countries. There are many images of different 3D public street art circulated around Facebook and those things got my attention. Too bad, I can only view the images, and not being able to be on spot to look and experience the amazing 3D public art. So, for that opportunity, I recommend KL, my home city to have such things also which would turn typical streets into something interesting and fun.

Normal art drawn is in two-dimension. 3D art adds depth to a certain drawing which in turn creates illusion to people looking at it as though the visual created from the art is real. This 3D art would then gains attention and provokes some sort of interest or thinking which can be fun or scary depending on the art created. Scary? Yes…some examples below show how a 3D art could provokes fear by drawing some sort of high cliff or a shark jumping out of an area of water as though it is really there on the street. There are many other examples you can see by searching through internet. Interesting, isn’t it? It tends to activate the particular space very well.

Graffiti and some other existing public arts displayed which are very little in numbers in KL are not enough. 3D public street art would be much more successful and would turns streets to be much lively and vibrant. It’s time for Kuala Lumpur to have something like that in order to be a much more dynamic city that enhances the city’s living experience to a creative and artistic level. Or maybe someone need to start it first over here. Me? Ahh…no…I’m not good on drawing this kind of 3D art (I think I don’t even have the knowledge to produce that 3D effect), and I don’t like to be seen by the whole public while doing serious thing like this which would made me not concentrating on the work and ended up producing a bad art. Some brilliant artists are needed to take this step in Malaysia and many would follows. A start is needed for public art like this. Simply amazing!



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