Chong Wei out of Thomas Cup, which means no more hope for Malaysia in the tournament.

What a bad news to all Malaysians. Lee Chong Wei, the world number one badminton men single player, was out of Thomas Cup Finals today after having a serious injury on court against Denmark’s Peter Gade. He is the one that would secure a winning point to Malaysia team easily, but everything looks bad starting from this day onwards for Malaysia on this tournament held once every two years which is one of the highly anticipated of all badminton championships.

After only a few minutes play with Peter Gade in which Lee Chong Wei would have a very high chance of winning, he retired due to serious injury to his ankle, which a doctor confirmed he suffered from a tear on the tendon in his right ankle. Only four minutes of the game and he had to stop. Chong Wei screamed in pain after landing awkwardly while retrieving a shot at the baseline. The Malaysian clutched his right ankle and grimaced in pain. That is not good. So sad to see him on this condition. (Image below from The Star Online)

A serious blow to Malaysia. So now, it seems that he needs three to four weeks to recover and that would seriously affects his training for the London Olympic Games to be held in July and August. Well, for now, the chance for Malaysia to even get into semi-final in Thomas Cup Finals  is almost zero (or I should total zero) as our team lost to Denmark today and would have to face the super tough defending champion, the China team next. Our hope is all in vain now. No more chance to show some good performance in Thomas Cup. Luckily, we didn’t lose terribly to Denmark today, having two wins while Denmark had three. Extra credit is to Liew Daren, a young Malaysian player who win a point today against Jane O Jorgensen, an experienced Denmark’s player. Too bad, Hafiz didn’t win on the last men single match that affects the final result.

So now, let’s pray for the best to Lee Chong Wei, and hopes he would recovers fast and at his best and top form again for giving Malaysia first ever gold medal in Olympics. Also good luck to our remaining Malaysia team in Thomas Cup. Well, I knew it would ends very bad soon, but do your best and show to them what we have besides than counting only on Lee Chong Wei. Well, our remaining Malaysia team is now much weaker than before, but let’s be a bit more positive to them. Don’t give up and be confident. Hmm…Lee Chong Wei seems to be facing a lot injuries this year, which is a bad sign for him especially when Olympics is coming very soon. A bit of luck also as the coach told the media that it is not a very serious or critical injury.


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