21st May 2012: My first day of work as an architect!

Today is my first day of work in KASDA Consultancy as a Part I Architect. Previously, I have decided to continue straight to Master study before starting to concentrate on work. However, after several thoughts and considerations, I have decided to go for work to gain some experience in the field first before furthering my study to the level of Master which would grant me a Part 2 recognization. Besides that, I do not want to burden my dad heavily to support my cost for the study which is estimated to be of at least 300k. I am not from wealthy family, and so finance is one my biggest problems too in the end. Eventhough working at this stage as a Part I architect with no experience would not gives me good payout, but it is the experience that I am targeting for that would be crucial in later years.

Before that, all my relatives and some of my friends got the news that I would be going oversea to take my Master study. Now, the plan has changed. I did apply for Master study at University of Sydney but the inefficiency and unprofessionalism  from the staff had caused delay amounting to almost 3 months and unworthy treatment to my application and portfolio. Giving me no response after three months proved that they are truly bad in doing works despite application processing is quite a simple task to handle. That gave me no more mood to continue for study at this point of time. Few passing months had been wasted just to wait a response. Now, I don’t care of that anymore. I think I would still continue on Master, but probably few years later after I have gained some working experience which would be beneficial.

I started going for several interviews and finally I am hired by an architecture firm in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Today is my first day working in that company, named KASDA Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. I attended a very interesting interview last week with the director of this company who himself is an architect, and he shared a lot of great ideas to me over my previous low-income housing proposition in my final semester’s design project. The company has no website, but I can see the company is receiving stable and substantial amount of projects over time that doesn’t require them to create a promotional website anymore. It is not a big company, but that is not my point. My main aim is to step into the industry world and gets to work as an architect which I have dream of when I was still in early secondary schooling. Well, now I’m still an assistant architect, not a fully-recognized architect. There are many stages to go…and I have to stay strong to be on the track to reach the final aim I wished for.

Of course it is very difficult to digest all the stuff needed to be in our mind as soon as I took this job, this position. On this first day itself, I had to familiarize with the surrounding working environment and my colleagues. Then, I spent most of my time looking and trying to understand those complicated working drawings which are definitely much more detailed than the ones I saw and did back in my degree study. That is the worst part, dealing with working drawings, and to be honest, I hate that. But I have to cope with that once I decided to choose this field. Before the day ends, I managed to modify some changes needed to be done over a bungalow’s plan. Then, as soon as I finished, the computer was not responding. Stupid! Luckily, I did save a lot of times in between. Forget about it, will continue tomorrow with this one and more and more challenging works to come! I seriously have to sharpen and excel my AutoCad skill. All the best to myself!


One Response to “21st May 2012: My first day of work as an architect!”

  1. tyrachan Says:

    gudluck then!=)

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