Thomas Cup Finals 2012 begins today…

It’s the time of the year again; Thomas Cup Finals 2012 is going to start today with 16 shortlisted countries that successfully entered the finals for this edition. Thomas Cup is the World Men’s Team Championship in badminton, held once in two years. The previous edition was in Kuala Lumpur back in 2010. For this year’s edition, this championship to be held in Wuhan, China also serves as a rehearsal or a major warm-up to the upcoming Olympic Games in London this July and August.

Eventhough 16 countries all over the world made it to the finalists, only the Asian teams would prevails in the end due to their stronger performance in badminton sport over the years. That’s the truth. Only Denmark has a bit of potential to represent the West in contesting on the sport favoured and excelled by the Asians to be honest. Anyway, it is also unlikely for their team to reach the final or even to the semi-final stage.

Let’s look at the strong Asian countries successfully granted a place in the Finals’ matches. Well, China as the defending champion would have no big problem on taking the title once again as their team is extremely experienced and skilful. It is very likely that China would win the title again, which would be their fifth consecutive title and ninth title overall. Their performances in the sport are always amazing, and they can stay on the top form unlike our Malaysian team, which is currently falling down and down…so sad…but what I dislike on the China’s team is their arrogance and attitude…

Well, luckily Malaysia did successfully becomes one of the four Asian finalists. The other successful countries are Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. For the very final match, I think it would be a tough fight between China and South Korea. There seems to be a lot of improvement to South Korea team while Indonesia team that went into the final in previous edition had some problems finding their souls in the sport once again. Similarly to Malaysia, Indonesia’s performance in badminton is dropping, unlike in decades ago, when these two countries are no doubt the best in this sport.

Japan would not make it to the final. China would definitely be in the final. What about Malaysia? Can our country even gets into the semi-final? That is a hard question. Without Lee Chong Wei, our Malaysian team would be absolutely nothing! Our whole country depends on him to secure a point in the first men single match. For the following ones (2 men doubles and 2 more men singles to determine the winning nation), all we wish is only luck. Let us be positive a bit, hoping for some great luck to our Malaysian team to get into the final, and even to the point of winning the championship (which our country had previously did so back in 1992…so long ago).

The action begins today, but according to schedule, Malaysian team has no matches to play today. Let’s hope for the best to our Malaysia team! We failed to qualify for the Finals of Uber Cup (Women’s team), and there shall be no more serious disappointment from our men’s team. Eventhough if we lose, we shall lose with a great fight too! Malaysia Boleh!


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