London 2012 Torch Relay began…it’s 70 more days left to the games

I saw some of my Facebook friends sharing a photo of the famous footballer, David Beckham holding the lit-up London 2012 Olympic Torch recently. And I laughed at how they joked that the attention is on the man, rather than the torch from the picture which should be the highlight of the games. Anyway, that gave me a hint that the torch relay should begins any moment from now.

London 2012 Torch Relay began today, until the day of the opening ceremony of London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which falls on 27th July 2012 when the relay would ends by lighting up of a giant cauldron in the London’s Olympic Stadium. Yesterday, the Olympic flame had been brought over to United Kingdom from Greece, where the first Olympic Games was held as it is the tradition of the torch relay. It is witnessed by some famous British people, including Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.

The relay would goes all around United Kingdom with no involvement of foreign countries on this unlike in previous edition (Beijing 2008) when the torch relay is organized worldwide. This is called off this time to prevent problems from happening again that occurred in previous edition when there is a number of safety concerns and protests. So, there is no way this time that I can see the torch from my own eyes and not through pictures which I have missed also in previous relay when Kuala Lumpur is one of the stops for Beijing 2008 Torch Relay.

It is now approximately 70 days left to the beginning of the world biggest sporting event, Olympic Games in London this year. It’s very near, and the atmosphere is high and great over in London to welcome the games and the festivity surrounding it.

Queen Elizabeth II will declares the games open on the night of the opening ceremony as the head of state. The London’s Olympic Park would be renamed Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in honour of the Majesty and in conjunction with her Diamond Jubilee celebration this year. Yes, this year is not only a big year for London because of this upcoming 30th Summer Olympic Games, but also a big year for the whole UK because it’s time for celebration of 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. What a great year for London! Now, I can’t wait for the games to start so I can watch the opening ceremony, some exciting sports and the closing ceremony  after 4 years from the previous massive edition in Beijing 2008. Malaysia, get prepared for our goal to win a gold medal which would be the first in our history!


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