Disgrace over multiple protests in front of Ambiga’s house…childish and idiotic!

Not long after the Bersih 3.0 rally, a group of people claimed that they have lost few hundred thousand worth of business on the day of the rally blamed it on Ambiga, the co-chairman of Bersih committee, which demanded for fair and clean election. To show protest for that, they set up burger stall directly in front of her house in Damansara which is obviously interrupting her and her family, as well as the neighbourhood. The reason they stated is so ridiculous. To protest because you didn’t do well in business on the day of rally. Haha…this seriously got me laughing. Perhaps I think on that day of rally, your business must have increased quite a lot since there are a lot of supporters buying food and drinks on that day.

Then, few days ago, a group of people who claimed themselves to be the retiree of national army forces performed ‘butt exercise’ right in front of Ambiga’s house and handed in a poster in a form of threat to her. This is seriously a stupid and childish act. Even old and experienced people like them couldn’t think properly and do whatever they want, which in the end, would only tarnish their own image, not of Ambiga. The series of smaller protests which are definitely backing the government are awful, and I don’t understand why this kind of people would do such stupid things. Not long ago, a group of Perkasa claimed they demonstrate peacefully in front of Lim Guan Eng’s home in Penang, and yet they threw poster condemning Guan Eng everywhere and hung a funeral-styled photograph of him over his main entrance gate. Another dumb action.

Regarding the setting up of burger stall, there is no police action taken against them, as well as to the other groups that protests in different ways. The Deputy Inspector General then informed the public that they can’t take any action because the protest does not breach other people’s property and does not cause disruption to the affected neighbourhood. Well, once you said that…then comes the idea of having thosai stall directly in front of his house since this is not an offence as assured by himself. The stall would opens this Sunday, from 10am onwards in front of his house at Jalan Teratai 2/7G, Taman Bukit Teratai, Ampang. Where is it? Google it. It’s right on the street behind the row where my house is. I didn’t really know that the Deputy Inspector General of Police had been living nearby for so long and yet I didn’t realize it. The thosai would be free, and the organizers insisted that the stall is set up to promote thosai as a symbolic Indian food. That is Bollywood-style trolling to the maximum and the Deputy Inspector General of Police deserved that!

I think a lot of people would come to my neighbourhood this weekend to support the thosai promotional campaign with some others asking to join in by setting up few other stalls. Well, everyone knows the main reason for coming to that campaign. It’s no wrong anyway. Why not? You got a free thosai and maybe other food too. Next plan, would be probably a ‘char kuey teow’ stall in front of Prime Minister’s house. Good for you all. Ahh, our Prime Minister had been to London for working visit recently, and I saw a video of him getting embarrassed by the Malaysian students over there who attended his meet-the-students session that kept on chanting ‘Bersih’ even before he wish to start his lousy speech. That’s a good response to his arrival even in foreign country, to show our dissatisfaction over his government. Haha…take that! You see, our country’s present government is going down to the very bottom soon. And after all these small childish protests and how our Prime Minister is received in oversea nowadays, all I can say is that it is a shame to them!


UPDATE: The thosai promotional campaign is called off. 


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