Happy Mother’s Day…

It’s an ordinary night somewhere in June 2007,

A night after a dinner when my sister first introduced her boyfriend that eventually becomes my brother-in-law now,

An hour before 12am, it’s time to sleep as the schooling days begin next day after the mid-term break,

But I couldn’t fall asleep that night, feeling a bit uncomfortable over on my bed with no reason known,

A moment later, I saw my mom vomiting in the bathroom next to my room in which I can see the pain in her,

At first, I thought it would be just a small illness and thinking it’s not a serious problem,

But then, the bathroom’s light was turned on several times, until at a moment when everything came to silence,

The next thing I saw was my dad carrying my mom in panic out of their room and he told me not to worry and continue sleeping for tomorrow’s class,

I knew that words are to comfort me, but it didn’t work; my eyes were wide opened the whole night,

I’m hoping that they would return quickly which indicates that my mom is alright,

But then, hour by hour passes, and it is not a good sign…

Suddenly the house phone rang…that is the phone call that I sense bad thing is happening, but I hope I was wrong…

It’s my aunt. She called me to stand by and wait for her to pick me up. From then, I knew my next destination would be hospital, but at the same time still trying to think in positive light that my mom would be okay.

However, my body didn’t follow my mind, it keeps shivering, indicating that I was indeed in a very worrying and nervous state.

…..I opened through doors by doors, and lastly I stepped into ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where patients in critical condition are staying….this is seriously bad….and then,

My first sight over my mom cuts deep through my heart. She was lying motionless on the bed, in unconsciousness state, attached to many pipes and medical aid, in the most terrible condition I have ever seen of her.

She already couldn’t move her body, her legs or her hands. The only slight response that she can give was her eyes that appears to close slowly too, with tears coming out of her eyes. That was my first sight of her after she left home. It’s truly a very bitter scene and I couldn’t hold on but crying. 

A day by day passes by and my mother’s condition never improved, and it’s indeed getting worst. But we have a strong wish in our hearts that she would eventually wake up some day and be a healthy person once again. That was just our unfulfilled dream.

Few days later, my mom passed away in the early morning when me and my dad taking a short rest at home couldn’t get there in time to be by her side when she left this world. I hope she left the world peacefully with no pain or suffer anymore which she had bear most of that in her life. I will forever miss you. 


The above story is not purposely created to get your attention or to capture your emotion. It is a true story that happened to me unfortunately, and I shared it here to deliver a influential message to my blog’s readers that it is essential to love and appreciate your mother when she is still here with you, which is already the greatest treasure you have. Show your love and appreciation to your beloved mom not only on this day, but in everyday onwards.

My mom couldn’t be here for my graduation last year, but I’m sure she would be very happy and proud looking from above on that day from a place no one knows where her peaceful soul lies on. It’s really heartbreaking for not being able to have her to witness the important chapters of my life; from my graduation to getting my first job, then to marriage till having my first child (her grandchild) possibly in the future.

How I wish that you are still here, guiding and taking care of the family like how it used to be, when everything is fine and good.

But the reality is still the reality; she isn’t here anymore and forever, she had left almost five years ago,

but still I would sincerely wishes my beloved mother, Happy Mother’s Day. You are truly a great mom eventhough we have only been together in less than 16 years. I remembered very well that 16 years. (Uhh…I’m getting emotional now)

—Happy Mothers’ Day to all great mothers around the world too!—


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