I’m starting to really get annoyed by the dusty environment that affects all the cars parked in this neighbourhood including mine!

From the day I started moved in to my sister’s home in Seri Kembangan over two months ago, my car would never has a day in a clean condition. There is parking in the condominium available for rent every month but the parking is on 6th floor which is very inconvenient. So, I decided not to rent the car park and continue to park my car outside at the side of road with many other cars too. There is no problem last year when I stay in my sister’s home for convenience to travel to my campus.

However, beginning this year, problem comes! It’s not about safety issue at this moment, but it’s about the cleanliness. The longer my car stays on its parking at the side of road here, the dirtier it would becomes. The car would appears to be covered with thick layer of dust as if it has been dumped into a pile of sand or abandoned for many years. Everytime when I approach my car, I would be shocked by how the car looks. Same goes to the other cars that are parked along the side of the road, and for those cars that have not been moved for few days continuously, those are the worst-hit. Worst until to the point that the plate number couldn’t be seen and to the extend that the car windows are like being given a new coat of yellow paint.

Terrible, right? Absolutely disgusting and frustrating. Even if I washed my car on this day, few days later it would turns back to a very dusty condition. So, it’s waste of effort to wash the car. So now, I have to depend on the weather, hoping that rain would falls once in two or three days to help in cleaning away those dusts. And the rain has to be very heavy to be able to do that as those dust came in thick layer on the cars. Nowadays, once my father sees my car, he would scold me. I have explained the situation to him many times before, but still he couldn’t accept it. Well, he and I definitely couldn’t accept this too. But what to do?!…

Countless lorries pass through the roads here everyday as the neighbourhood in Seri Kembangan here is surrounded by construction zones. All the roads here are filled with sand as though we are heading to beach nearby when driving around here. Air pollution is at quite a serious level over here due to increasing number of construction zones all around. Whenever a lorry passes through, the scene would be filled with visible flying smoke and floating ashes. Many portion of land here which are previously jungle are cleared to make way for new developments. And turning all the cars here dusty is one of the negative consequences…and my car is one of the victims, and I as the owner feel helpless for not able to do anything about it!


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