Vietnam, or Thailand, or Cambodia….which place to go for trip on upcoming Hari Raya break?

This year I have decided to follow my dad for an oversea trip within South East Asia during the upcoming Hari Raya holiday. In some years, my dad would plan to go for second oversea trip, thinking that one oversea trip every year during Chinese New Year break isn’t enough. So, Hari Raya which falls on this August provides another lengthy holiday to my busy dad to plan for a trip. However, this second trip of the year shall be less costly, and so the choices of where to go are limited to only neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

So, my dad suggested to me three countries; Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Of course the trip would not covers all the three countries; we would only go to one. My main aim of going for trip is to gain experience and understanding of different people, cultures and places observed. I also would not pick unknown places to visit because we won’t see much things from that kind of places. That’s why I don’t like and rejected when my father suggested many small places (provinces) in China to visit last time. Now, no more China in mind as the trip shall be limited within South East Asia for shorter trip as maximum days of break for Hari Raya would be only 5 or 6 days.

Vietnam is now a fast-developing country, but what’s attractive to me from this particular country is the famous Halong Bay, recently recognized as one of the seven wonders of nature. And yes, that is the only place that landed my interest to visit the country. No other reason at the moment. Many people whom had visited the bay praised the absolute beauty and tranquillity of the river and the mountains along the bay. So, I wish to go there and have a breathtaking look over the amazing setting of Halong Bay. But going to the trip only with that place in mind is not sufficient. I am going to check out what other beautiful places we can visit on the trip to Vietnam.

If we are going to Thailand for the trip, then we will go to Bangkok, the capital city this time, alongside with Pattaya. I have been to this country many times before, but had never visited the capital. However, I heard from the others that visiting Bangkok is like going to my home city, Kuala Lumpur, while the latter is even more popular in shopping and the iconic landmark of Petronas Twin Towers. What’s more from this city’s tour that separates it from Kuala Lumpur is the presence of some beautiful temples in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Cambodia is the last option. My dad wished to go there because it is the cheapest among the three suggested countries. However, I have been to Cambodia before, and I don’t feel like going to that place again. For my first time visit to the country two years ago, it’s a very nice and unique experience of looking at the poor lifestyle of the people there and the beauty of Angkor Wat with some other smaller temples around it. There is a possibility of going there again just to take better photographs as my previous visit to Angkor Wat is not so perfect as the structure undergoes some kind of renovation at that time and that ruins the photo-taking. And I don’t think that possibility shall comes that soon.

So after all, I think I should pick Vietnam after some thoughts and considerations. I can see new stuff, and that would also adds up another country to my list of countries I have visited before. Trip to Vietnam would also grants me an opportunity to visit another one of the seven wonders (this time, seven wonders of nature); Halong Bay. Looking only at that image showing the bay in this post itself already caught my interest and attention.


4 Responses to “Vietnam, or Thailand, or Cambodia….which place to go for trip on upcoming Hari Raya break?”

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  2. How about doing a fantastic Thai travel on the Hari Raya holiday? Halong Bay in Vietnam may look interesting to visit but I think there are a lot of exciting and fantastic things/places in Thailand, especially Bangkok that would really catch your attention and interest more!:)

    • vincentloy Says:

      I would wish to see something different this time. Bangkok is too similar to Kuala Lumpur. So there is nothing unique about it besides than having some marvelous temples around, but my objective is not to see all that. I’m picking for nature together with under-developed country this time.

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