A drama on legendary Wu-Yen; Queens of Diamonds and Hearts (2012)

‘It’s Chung Wu-Yen when there is a problem, and it’s Ha Ying-Chun when there is no problem going on’. That is one of the most famous quotes originated from ancient China, and I have heard of it long ago. This refers to an ancient writing over the ancient state of Qi when the worthless emperor would goes to Wu-Yen for help, a woman with a birthmark on her face which is deemed ugly by the emperor, and on the other hand forgetting her and went to find Ying-Chun, the other empress when there is no issues going on. But I have never see any films or dramas based on this legendary empress who contributed a lot to aid the inept emperor until a Hong Kong film is made about it in 2001.

That film starred Anita Mui, Sammi Cheng and Cecilia Cheung, having three divas in a single film. I can still remember clearly most of the funny scenes that delivered very well from that film eventhough it’s way back over ten years ago. Back to this new drama which is released by TVB this year, ‘Queens of Diamonds and Hearts’, starring Roger Kwok, Fala Chen and Sharon Chan, the story centered on Wu-Yen as well, but with much more depths, sub-plots and characters’ development, since this is not a film, but a drama of 25 episodes  long. I watched ‘Queens of Diamonds and Hearts’ a bit later because I focused on ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ at the time of its release.

I already expected that there would be definitely some hilarious scenes sparked on the early meeting between the emperor (Roger Kwok) who emphasizes on beauty with the ugly woman (Fala Chen) that soon becomes his empress. However, I find that portion is not enough, and I am not much entertained in the end. I also expected that the other beautiful empress (Sharon Chan) would be evil due to her jealousy over the credible Wu-Yen. However, this drama’s main villain is not her, but is on the emperor’s brother who wanted the throne so much. Hence, there is not much great show from the main character, Ying-Chun. Her evilness only carried on in the final episode for a very short time when she is being manipulated by the emperor’s brother, and that’s it. I expected more things from this lovely and beautiful character of Ying-Chun, which she can be more scheming since that is her potential, but that is not delivered much on this drama. Wasted.

Well, I must say Roger Kwok did quite a good performance portraying as the emperor. His expression portrayal is indeed very good and captures my attention, especially on his early meetings with Wu-Yen as well as with Ying-Chun. His solid acting is shown in the drama. I personally dislike Fala Chen in historical drama like this one. I find that she isn’t suitable for any ancient roles given to her including the previous ones. I can see she had a great improvement in acting, but maybe it’s the character’s problem because I find her ‘too-good’ character in the drama to be too illogical and annoying sometimes especially at the ending climax. That is a very dumb act from the character, of sacrificing own-self while not revealing the truth which would then uncovers many things that are not necessary to be kept secret at that point of time already. You would understand what I say if you have watched the drama until the end. That three family members of Ying-Chun are absolutely annoying, and there is no whereabouts on them in the conclusion of the drama.

Overall, it is still quite an entertaining drama to watch. You can see heroic features, jealousy, friendship, scheming, fights, love, and even magical tricks all in this drama. But I find the repeating use of switching of souls in the drama appears to me that the scriptwriters couldn’t think of anything else on that stage to make the plot goes far more interesting and beyond imagination rather than sticking to the same old approach again and again. And one more thing, I still find certain plot holes not yet uncovered until the end of the whole drama, and some portion of story went too fast while there is some going too slow and turned draggy in the end. Anyway, it’s an interesting drama to watch, and I would rate ‘Queens of Diamonds and Hearts’ a total of 7.4.

(All images from this post are from http://tvwithrice.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/%E6%9D%B1%E8%A5%BF%E5%AE%AE%E7%95%A5-queens-of-diamonds-and-hearts-impression/)


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