Marvel’s The Avengers sets record on biggest opening weekend.

I already predicted that. There is so much hype on this movie even months before its release. Once the director and producer announced the idea of having an avengers assemble in a single film last year, everyone is looking forward to it and sees it as one of the most anticipated films of this year. The trailer itself already looks very promising. And yes, the box office grossing of the film proved that even only at its opening weekend itself. Marvel’s The Avengers, overshadowing the previous single-superhero films, has climbed to the top of the highest grossing film of the year as of current, with over 640 million already in hand after only around two weeks of release internationally and just a week in United States.

But what’s more is that the film defeated ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ on the biggest opening weekend record. The Avengers grossed 200.3 million on its opening weekend, becoming the first film in history to gain over 200 million on opening weekend, while Harry Potter’s final chapter took 169.2 million on its opening weekend. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 had total grossing of over 1.3 billion, taking the 3rd spot in the list of highest grossing films worldwide. So, I guess The Avengers can easily take over that position soon, but would never be above Titanic (2nd) and Avatar (1st), both with over 2 billion grossing respectively. So, The Avengers is doing really great not only in box office, but also on reviews and ratings as observed.

It’s now the beginning of Hollywood summer season, and since ‘The Avengers’ should be the favourite of teenagers, many more would be coming to the theatres to watch it, probably again and again, since the movie is given very good review and positive rating worldwide. I’m sure all the fans of Marvel or even ordinary people would be satisfied after watching this new film and the movie would goes far beyond their expectation. I have watched it myself, on the premier day of its release, and I really like it. Simply impressive! With the added funny moments to the movie filled with fights, the movie amazingly strikes the balance and still gets us on the edge of our seats.

Finally, ‘The Hunger Games’ which had been leading this year on best film and highest grossing film earlier sees a strong competitor now; ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’. The former grossed over 617 million as of current and is still on the run after over a month of release, while the latter already grossed over 641 million as of current only two weeks after its release. Anyway, I’m sure both would gets into the list of highest grossing films worldwide, making it into top 20 soon. Another news is that the re-release of 1997’s Titanic this year in 3D has grossed an addition of 333 million, putting the total grossing of the film to 2.175 billion as of current, while ‘Avatar’ still topped the list with 2.782 billion, the figure which is almost impossible to be defeated.


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