Malaysia swept four out of five titles in Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold 2012, but I’m not really proud of that

Yesterday on the final of Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold held in Johor, the national shuttlers swept four out of five titles, making it as the biggest win to Malaysia in a single badminton tournament in history. Malaysia have never won that much of titles in an open tournament before, and that the previous biggest win for the nation is on 2009 Super Series Masters Finals in Sabah. Well, I am not too proud of that achievement due to several reasons.

1. The Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament does not rewards big title, benefits or fame to winners. It is a much smaller tournament compared to Malaysian Open held in January every year. Hence, winning many titles from this is not something to be proud of. Even many people didn’t even take the time to watch this tournament. Many of us don’t really care how great Malaysia can win from this tournament. I myself didn’t watch this tournament and I almost forget even on its presence. I just realized it once I read the news today.

2. The tournament did not involves participation of most of the talented and good players especially those from China. Well, if there are not much international players playing, and when there is no China, Malaysia could easily win in almost all the five matches (and still ends up losing one despite having such a good opportunity). In the final, it is like the Malaysia came in unchallenged with poorer quality observed from the other many unknown oversea players, along with huge turnouts of local shuttlers participating which contributed higher chance of our local players winning. So, there is nothing to fuss about when Malaysia won four out of five titles yesterday.

3. All eyes are on the upcoming larger badminton tournaments, particularly Thomas Cup and the London 2012 Olympic Games.¬†Many would have just forgotten the existence of smaller tournaments like this one when bigger things are going to arrive soon. Other countries especially China is looking forward to maintain their position as defending champion in Thomas Cup while having intention to do their very best on London 2012 too. Same even goes to Malaysia who rely so much on Lee Chong Wei to get Malaysia the very first gold in Olympics. And so, there is not much attention paid towards this recent Malaysian Open Grand Prix Gold. Even when Lee Chong Wei wins the men single title yesterday, I don’t think that would ensures he would have a good chance in Olympics as his opponents in this tournament are all of weaker ones. So, Lee Chong Wei, don’t be too happy with the win yesterday as that promises nothing when there is no great players up against you. Same goes to other Malaysian shuttlers who win yesterday.

It’s not that I want to look down on quality of local shuttlers. It is that there are still many oversea players that are much stronger than our Malaysian players, and that offers very slim chance of winning a gold in Olympics or even getting into semi-final of Thomas Cup soon. The players and the badminton association of Malaysia should see that, and realized the problem of lack of talented young players as the current players are all coming close to retirement already. So, yesterday’s great win to Malaysia is actually absolutely nothing, and shall not plays a part in restoring confidence of the Malaysian players who didn’t do very well lately in most of the previous tournaments, including Lee Chong Wei.


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