Happy Wesak Day!

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists who are celebrating it! I myself is not a true or fully Buddhist, so I didn’t celebrate this festival. I think only Buddhist monks celebrate this festival. Actually, I still find myself confused on my religious state, stuck in between Buddhism and Taoism. From when I was a kid to now, ‘Buddhism’ is the one I ticked in my religion category in any forms I filled, because there is no other choice as ‘Buddhism’ is the only Chinese religion listed to be picked on besides than Christianity which is open to all. Taoism is never mentioned or sort of given a place. Even during my schooling year when there is a session for religious teaching, there is only Buddhism, and we all went to that. Is it that Taoism don’t have some kind of formal teaching like Buddhism? I don’t know.

But do you know most Malaysian Chinese are practising on Taoism. My home has a worshipping cabinet, with my ancestors and a god in Taoism belief worshipped every day by burning joss sticks. Many Chinese homes do have one too. Every year, we conduct burning of incense and processions for specific festivals like Qing Ming, Mid-Autumn, Winter Solstice, etc…but all that are Taoism-related events and we proclaimed ourself as Buddhists on the other hand. For Buddhists, things are much easier and we don’t need to do all that stuff. But if we didn’t follow that tradition, our parents would be angry as all that are continued generation by generation.

Wesak Day marked the birth of Sidharta Gautama Buddha, the founder of the religion. It encompasses the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha. I have known of the story of Buddha and it is quite meaningful to learn some moral values and messages from that. This festival is quite emphasized in Malaysia with annual procession being carried out, and usually, the Prime Minister would attend one in a main temple. This year is not an exception, and our Prime Minister used this opportunity to wish every Buddhists a happy Wesak Day too. But whether he sees the significance of this festival and the teaching of the religion, there comes the question. I’m sure he didn’t attend it with sincere heart. All he wants is to gain more supporters…While the country is now facing serious issue with censorship by Astro over news broadcast by international media like CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced today that there would be a mass rally gathering to celebrate UMNO’s 66th anniversary in Bukit Jalil National Stadium to prove that UMNO can organize a peaceful rally to give some kind of remark to Bersih. So childish. I am sure that the government’s controlled media would report that there would be a lot of people attending and supporters of the party which marked the strong stability of the party in ruling the country.

Now, international media looked down on our media rights already and this is such a shame to Malaysia. The government never learns. Our image is ruined by them totally. Forget about all that. It’s pointless to get angry of such thing here….Happy Wesak Day, and may Buddha teaches them a lesson! This festival would be much more meaningful is the government is changed!


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