It’s May 2012! Happy Labour Day too!

Goodbye April. The passing month has been very good to me, with things went on smoothly. Last month is also quite an active month of my blog, as I believed I have written around 40 posts in the previous month alone. So now, I’m on track on reaching 1000-posts milestone by July 2012, before the London 2012 Olympic Games. That is my target and for this month alone, I will produce another 30 to 40, which I expect to be lesser than the amount produced in April.

The first quarter of the year is gone by now. We are now heading to the fifth month of 2012. So, if the 2012 world apocalypse myth is true, then we have less than 8 months to survive. Of course that’s a myth only, and scientists and historians have proven it untrue. But at least now, we are getting nearer to the middle of the year already. Time flies very fast, and so we shall appreciate the priceless time and moments we have. Hmm…May 2012 has arrived…I’m still blur on what kind of visual to be placed for my blog’s header for this new month. So, please bear with me as I will update my blog’s header as soon as possible.

I still have no idea for that. There is no big thing going on this month, and there is no certain thing that came into my mind at this moment that best represents the month of May. So, my header would be in construction at this moment, never get to be released as soon as the date turned to 1st May. Sorry for that…By the way, as the first day of May, today is also celebrated as Labour Day, when people would be given a break from work or school. So, it’s holiday for everyone! Happy Holiday! I believe many people even took leave yesterday (Monday) for a continuous four-days break which allows some of them to go for a trip or went back to hometown.

It’s going to be a long month ahead. More things for us to get through. Malaysia is one of the many countries that celebrate Labour Day on first of May, which is combined with the designated International Workers’ Day. The Google home page also shows the Google Doodle designed to mark this holiday. Well, for the other countries, the Labour Day is celebrated on different dates. But still, such holiday do exists in every countries in the world to honour and celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Have a nice month ahead and Happy Labour Day once again to all!


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