Blog’s header of this month…something about blogging.

‘Blogging’ is not found in the English vocabulary, but then it becomes a recognizable term that describes the activity of the people writing blog which becomes a popular culture nowadays in this modern world. I am part of the ‘blogging’ world and I am producing the blog’s header for this month based on that. ‘Blogging’ now somehow replaces the culture of writing diary which is quite popular in the past. I myself did wrote diaries, back when I was in early term of secondary schooling. I wrote for about two to three years. Then, I stopped a year to concentrate on my SPM (last year in secondary school). Then, I started to follow the popular culture of blogging by starting my own blog on my first year in university, back in 2008…and this is the blog.

At first, I had a hard time to think of what to put in for my blog’s header for this month to replace the previous one that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic in April 1912. There is no big event or things going on in this May, and that delayed me on creating the new header. Finally, I thought of, why not creating a header based on the culture of blogging. Ahh, and there comes my work for that 18cm x 5cm header at the top of my blog, which I have to work on a new one every month. That’s an extra work for me as a blogger to provide a new refreshing header appearance to my blog’s readers every month. Below, you can see another copy of my header of May 2012. Click on it for larger version. Anyway, the header is already uploaded to the top of the blog.

It’s a simple-illustrated header with a very clean white background which is in contrast with most of my previous headers which are in darker tone and backdrop to correspond with my blog’s black theme. So, this new header in white captures much more attention, and I would like to highlight the fun of blogging to my blog’s readers through the use of playful font of words and arrangements in the design. Those words scrambled all over in one piece on the right side of the header are all associated to ‘blogging’ that reminds people that ‘blogging’ is more than what it is actually. That whole header kind off represents my mind, full of stuff, which is a bit kinda messed up. But then, there is one huge portion of white empty space in that header that represents part of my mind, of what I see, of what I hear, of what I smell, of what I touch, of what I taste, and in overall, of what I experience, that is being brought out (cleared out) of that header and presented through my posts below. This kind of symbolism sounds great, right? Haha…

Blogging for me, is part of a journey, a journey that grants me experience and memory when I grow. I believed this aspect would be seen similarly with the other bloggers around the world. So, my blog’s header for this month is in dedication and honour to the blogging society. It’s not easy to blog actually. You had to have the passion and effort to make it. And so, I appreciate all the hard works by the bloggers out there. Enjoy blogging and one day, you would find yourself contented on what you have written or produced from your blog. That’s a very good feeling.


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