Movie review: Mirror Mirror (2012)

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?’ That’s one of the most famous phrase we get to know in our childhood days from the popular fairy tale of Snow White, having been presented in storybook as well as in famous 1937 animated film. Almost eight decades later, the story is again being presented through film, not animated this time. ‘Mirror Mirror’ is this year’s film based on the story of Snow White but is delivered from the evil Queen’s perspective. Do not mistaken this film with another one going to be released soon this year which is also based on Snow White, entitled ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’.

Snow White is no longer seen as a fairy tale depicted from this film. The story is translated into a much realistic and legendary proportion, defying the scale of innocence when this fairy tale first came out. Of course, the movie goes on a deeper and darker tone with much more emphasis on the evil Queen, living of the poor in the kingdom, and the seven dwarfs which are mine workers in the original story but turned out to be thieves on this one. Even the Snow White gets over her gentle and soft character into a strong defensive lady in this film. It’s interesting from the way the director put a little different touch to the characters and the original plot for a new refreshing appearance in the current modern days. But I believe this ‘Mirror Mirror’ is in a much lighter tone compared to the upcoming ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’.

Eventhough the story differs quite a lot from the original version, but I think that is appropriate and reasonable since the story is now told not from Snow White’s perspective but is from the evil Queen’s perspective. Anyway, the story in the end still focus on Snow White, which the film concluded that it’s her story after all. I like this conclusion and I mean only this. The way the movie ends with a Bollywood-styled dance and singing by Snow White appears to be very awkward and not matching to the mood of the film. Luckily, it still has a happy ending that most of us wish for; Snow White finally gets together with the Prince and the King returned to save the kingdom.

Julia Roberts portrayed the character as the evil Queen very well while Lily Collins performed quite satisfying too as the Snow White. Julia Roberts is the first one to be cast for this very important role, and I’m sure they must be very confident of her performance. In this movie, the Queen is not actually evil, but feels insecure over the presence of Snow White, her stepdaughter. Julia Roberts delivered the character very well based on that approach. I have to say Armie Hammer somehow didn’t do a good job here. His facial expression never gets our eyes on and he always looks dull on this movie, just like how he is in the movie ‘The Social Network’. No improvement.

A credit is given to the costumes. Lovely costumes, especially the dress for the Queen. The costumes look simply excellent and for the Queen, majestic! Even the seven dwarfs has a much more detailed outfits this time. Overall, it’s an entertaining movie to watch but you will not go for it the second time or more. It is just a plain film with nothing more to expect than a story that would comes into a happy ending with even some of the twists available throughout the story didn’t get you surprised.  It’s worth watching anyway, and out of 10 points, I rate ‘Mirror Mirror’ a total of 6.6.


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  1. tifaminoza Says:

    I like this movie

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