After a very happening day over in KL, people now discussed over Bersih 3.0 rally today all over the internet

More and more videos are coming out, in which I have seen some of them. Mainly all that videos are a very great proof to the violence of the cops to the supporters of the Bersih 3.0 rally. There are also quite a number of pictures spread in viral now all over Facebook, not only showing how massive the crowd is but also showing some of the aggressive treatment from the police to the people like firing chemical laced water cannon, tear gases and even ramming their patrol car into the citizens.

The police explained that they have to do all because the people started to misbehave and breaching over the placed barricades all over around Dataran Merdeka, the planned venue for the peaceful sitting demonstration. The supporters are not allowed to go in, and so they have to break the rules which is definitely a reasonable act. If the cops didn’t close the venue, then everything would be fine with a peaceful demonstration without any bad consequences as seen now which are expected earlier (injuries and harm to nation’s image).

Over 300 people have been arrested as reported and I don’t know their fate now. They must be treated very badly. Showing support to something positive for the country, and yet being treated as if they are the nation’s enemies. Those media and news channels under the control of the ruling government reported that the ‘Bersih’ (clean) movement should be called ‘kotor’ (dirty). Don’t they think as human before writing such piece of shit?! Even if the supporters went ‘kotor’ in the rally just now (anyway, it’s the cops that provoked the supporters to protest and fight back), it only happened on this day alone, while the government on the other hand has been ‘dirty’ for so many years! Stupid news channels. People, please stop believing those sources (TV3, Utusan, Berita Harian, The Star) if you want to read something true on political issues. Those are like ‘dogs’ to the government, acting as a tool of propaganda.

Ahh, I watched the clip shown from a news on 8TV showing how our Prime Minister responded with the rally today. He said it’s okay if it’s not harming the nation’s reputation. The supporters came in peace but the cops provoked their anger, which leads to all the bad things happening today, and so the blame on harming the nation’s image should be on the violent cops. They offered a lot of other venues but the organizers rejected. The truth is that the organizers had no time to make all those applications for change of venue! Haha, Datuk Seri Najib Razak also mentioned the police did give good treatment to the supporters. Haha, this statement made me laugh  the most, which is so ironic to what we have seen from ample of videos released today.

The support to the rally is very well received, and I do agree with what’s the famous oversea media are reporting, from BBC to Al-Jazeera. What they have written and spoken on the event are in fact true eventhough they are not belonging to the country. Instead, it is the nationally-owned media over here that keep reporting ‘fake’ and ‘biased’ stuff, which I always get mad (sometimes funny) reading those, produced by retarded people who never give himself or herself a time to think properly. I felt glad as the support from people (mostly Malaysians) of other countries increased tremendously this time with them holding their respective rallies eventhough they are far from home. Overall, the rallies today were a great success! Thanks for all who came to show their support. To those who can’t make it, nevermind, we knew you have the same heart with us, to demand for change!


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