TVB drama review: The Greatness of a Hero

This Hong Kong drama is released oversea in Malaysia on 2009. I remembered I have watched few episodes at the time, but then I stopped watching it further, not because that it is not good, but because I’m seriously busy with my study at the time. It is finally released in Hong Kong this year, and so I take this opportunity to re-watch the drama as well.

The drama revolves on a legendary chancellor, Dik Yan-kit who gained the trust of the Empress Regnant (Mou Ze-tian) for being very helpful on matters, while that caught the jealousy of the empress’ nephew (Mou Sing Chi) who tried every ways (dirty ways mostly) to get rid of Yan-kit and with intention of having the throne. I like this kind of plot which would involves a lot of plans (either of brilliant strategies ones or even the dirty tricks ones). And yes, from this drama alone, we see how one goes against with another especially when having serious arguments over in the palace hall in front of the empress regnant.

Wayne Lai was not the TV King when he filmed this few years ago. But still, he delivered a very strong performance as the main villain of this drama. His expression and aggressiveness in the drama makes him fit very well to that character. Kent Cheng as Dik Yan-kit also did quite a good job in the drama, but he still don’t perform really well in some parts because his face hardly shows great amount of expression (especially on crying scenes). Credit is given to Rebecca Chan portraying as the Empress Regnant, Mou Ze-tian. Eventhough it is a supporting character in the drama, but she nailed the character with ‘power’.

I finished the ending not long ago and I find the ending to be quite enjoyable and exciting to watch, especially the moment when Dik Yan-kit with his family meeting the empress regnant in palace hall to seek justice for his innocent wife killed by Mou Sing-chi and to reveal all the bad things he has done. That part is breathtaking, and finally the evil Mou Sing-chi is given death punishment in the end. I like the part when his son came out and revealed all the things up against him and advised him to stop. It’s a good ending to them; peaceful death. The part I’m disappointed is the character of Sunny Chan. He just died like that, so quick with no depth to his death in the drama. Well, at least for Sonija Kwok, she had.

The only character I dislike from this drama is the daughter of Dik Yan-kit, portrayed by Bernice Liu. Her character is dumb and I hate this kind of character. She appears to be so annoying in the drama. Everyone else is smart and intelligent, while she is the only one making a lot of mistakes that lead to his father being blamed in the end. Overall, I like this kind of historical drama with content of fights, not literally, but through words and strategies. Out of 10 points, I rate this drama a total of 7.5.


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