Highlight of the day: 428 Bersih 3.0 Rally

428 (28th April2012), a day that would carve its way into the history of the country, Malaysia. According to reports, more than 100 000 people gathered all around the city to show support to the Bersih 3.0 rally in objective of demanding for fair and clean elections. That’s a very huge turnout, almost tripled from the figure back over in previous rally hold in July last year. This clearly shows that more and more Malaysians started to show up themselves and protest against dirty elections which the government is reported to be involved in for so many years.

A positive demonstration with clear objective of staying true to democracy, and yet the government declared it illegal and forced the closure of Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) which is in irony of the name of the place which suggests the people of the nation have freedom, and yet being blocked access to the venue of the rally. This is an act of tyranny. Police forces came in to prevent the rally from heading towards Dataran Merdeka, and so just now, they fired ample of chemical laced water cannons and tear gases to the people.

Before this happened, everything was in enjoying mood and atmosphere, from Central Market, Petaling Street to Jamek Mosque and KLCC. The supporters have thought of many ideas used to support the rally, with some producing Angry Birds balloons (in yellow colour, the colour of the rally) and some raising up a lot of banners and flags (even opposition flags that supported this movement). This is what the government disliked; the involvement of opposition. But they came in with good objective, and the government sees it negatively.

I believe there must be people hurt out there. I checked the current news now and most of the crowds have dispersed. Before that, many of them breached the barricades placed all around Dataran Merdeka. It is called breaking the law by the government but it is called an act of freedom and wanted for change by people of good and democratic hearts. Many are even caught by the police who did things solely based on orders without thinking wisely on their own. All these are not only reported by our national media which reported things that are so biased to the government (and I’m getting sick of reading all those ‘shit’), this event gets international attention too with many oversea news channels reporting and participation of oversea Malaysians and non-Malaysians in smaller rallies of similar objective in many other countries. Below shows a video of the news reporting over the event at its beginning this morning at Al Jazeera.

I’m glad that many are supporting this movement. The rally may be no good and harmful to the image of the country, but it is essential and very much needed to give a sign and warning to the current government that we are not fear anymore, and we would stand up to prove that your days are numbered! We wanted for change, and the change would be particularly seen in the next upcoming general election. If the government wins the next general election, and looking at the ‘heat’ of this rally, I’m sure there must be some kind of dirty tricks going on.

428 would be a day forever remembered as a bright day for the Malaysians who wanted for cleaner election. It would be ‘black’ day for our present government. They kept quiet this whole day, pretending that nothing happens, but instead today’s event would give a serious impact to their stability. I didn’t go for the demonstration but my heart stays true to the objective of the rally as well. (it would be very hard to go since there are many roadblocks and even many of the LRT stations are closed, thanks to the offensive government orders that further provoked the anger and protest of the supporters). 428 further strengthened the unity of the people in demanding for a truly democratic country with clean and fair elections.

(All  the images in this post are  from Facebook, shared one by one and keep spreading through the world’s largest social networking site)


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