The new Proton Preve is quite impressive, but the name is not nice and sounds a bit weird…

Just now after having lunch with my dad, we dropped by at a Proton Car Sales Center to take a look at the new Proton Preve. It’s the latest car invented from the national car company, Proton. We have no intention of buying it, but we went in just to take a closer look and see whether it’s nice and good or not. Well, it looks quite appealing to me, and I felt that finally a national car company could produce something like this, which is far better and is expected to be of good quality.

It’s a much bigger car than other Protons (Wira, Saga, etc). It is also much more spacious inside which allows for comfortable seating. The back of the car is also very spacious that could fits a lot of things in. Based on the brochure, this new Proton Preve has similar technologies and functions in comparison with oversea car products like Honda City. However, Proton Preve is much more affordable and economical, costing a bit over RM 70 000 only while cars like Honda City costs over RM 100 000 easily. And another great thing is that it has 5 years warranty!

No more key is required to start the engine of the car, as Proton Preve is equipped with a button for driver to press to activate the engine of the car. This is a good change as sometimes it is hard to rotate the key to start the engine of the previous Proton cars. Similar to other oversea cars, now the Proton Preve is fitted with dual driving systems; manual and auto, in which the driver can select which system to drive the car. For instance, my dad preferred on his old way of driving car by manual, and so manual would be his first choice. But then, manual driving would experience difficulties when going through leaning road or tiredness during traffic congestion. Hence, driver can now switch to auto whenever such conditions occurred.

Ahh,…I kept talking how good the car is now. No doubt it is a nice car, with a far more elegant appearance compared to the previous cars of the same brand. The cost is a bit much higher, but I think is very reasonable. But I’m now already satisfied with my Proton Saga (second generation), and so buying this Proton Preve would not be in my mind currently, or in my dad’s mind. My father told me just now that if you are interested, you have to work your own to buy it. The only thing that is not nice about the car is the name itself! ‘Preve’! That sounds awkward. I knew the intention of the name is to symbolise striving forward or something similar. But why not names it Proton Strive or other better names rather than ‘Preve’ which can be read mistakenly as ‘Pervert’ which many are now making fun of it through Facebook.


One Response to “The new Proton Preve is quite impressive, but the name is not nice and sounds a bit weird…”

  1. kamshah hanafi Says:

    the sound of preve is totally weird…as weird as the most “puaka” FLOM..

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