‘Titanic’ grossed over 2 billion after its re-release in 3D and is still on the run, ‘The Hunger Games’ becomes the highest grossing film of the year as of current

‘Titanic’ has finally made it, becoming one of the only two films in history that has grossed over 2 billion dollars respectively in box office. 2 billion is a very huge sum of figure, and it’s seriously very hard to reach that mark for films. The other film that has grossed over that figure years ago is ‘Avatar’, which gained a lot thanks to the prolonged theatrical run back in 2009 till 2010. ‘Titanic’ had already enjoyed very much success on its release in 1997, becoming the first film in history to reach 1 billion mark in grossing and the highest grossing film of all time for 12 years.

‘Titanic’ was also rated as one of the most epic films of our generation. Eventhough it grossed lesser than ‘Avatar’ by some few hundred millions as of current (‘Avatar’ grossed 2.782 billion), ‘Titanic’ won eleven Academy Awards, making it as one of the most successful films in Academy Awards, while ‘Avatar’ won only three in minor categories. It’s April 2012 now, this month marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of R.M.S. Titanic, which the 1997’s film ‘Titanic’ is based on. Hence, James Cameron decided to re-release the movie in 3D on this month in conjunction with that. Hence, the total grossing of the movie continues to increase now.

Previously, the total grossing of ‘Titanic’ was set at 1.8 billion. Two weeks after its re-release in 3D screens only, the movie grossed another 200 million, which made the total count of 2.059 billion as of current. It’s still 700 million away from ‘Avatar’ that leads the list of highest grossing films of all time. Due to its limited screening, I think ‘Titanic’ would not climb over ‘Avatar’ on that rank, but I believe people will never forget the ‘power’ that ‘Titanic’ has brought to us. Well, the top two films on the list are the only ones that gained over 2 billion in box office while the others are still very far behind with big margin, and both are also directed by James Cameron. Incredible!

For this year, the most successful film must be ‘The Hunger Games’ which is still available in the cinemas worldwide currently. It is the first film in 2012 that has passed 500 million (half a billion) mark in grossing and is also the first film since 2009’s ‘Avatar’ to place at No.1 for four consecutive weekends at domestic (United States) box office. Well, this film which is based on a book is enjoying great success currently, and I predict that it would grossed over 1 billion in the end. I have watched this film on its premiere day, and I like the movie very much. Hmm…but if compared with ‘Titanic’, I still prefer the latter more. Anyway, congratulations to both movies, ‘Titanic’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ for making such a good result not only in box office grossing but also in reviews and ratings.


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