Movie review: Battleship (2012)

‘Battleship’ is one of my most anticipated films of the year after I have first watched its trailer few months ago. Finally, I get to watch it today after it has been released to the cinema many days already. ‘Battleship’ is a science-fiction naval war film, not against a particular country but on a group of extra-terrestrial robotic ships coming down to the sea from a planet far far away that the Earth is trying to communicate with. Ahh, I’m glad this movie is released earlier in Malaysia as it is supposed to be released in United States on May.

Boom…Boom…Boom! I hear a lot of gigantic explosions from this film! Those explosions and firing scenes from this film are epic! That is the single aspect throughout the entire film that worked well, and brings the movie to quite a success. It’s really very exciting seeing those ships either of the navy or of the alien ships exploding after being hit by multiple attacks. It ‘hits’ the audiences and got us concentrated on the battle once it is started.

Yes, the climax started once the battle began. The beginning part that emphasizes on characters’ development was quite boring. I keep waiting for the battle to comes which looks very promising even from its trailer already. Ahh, I am not disappointed. The battle which covers almost three quarters of the whole film really impressed me. The state-of-the-art stunning visual and seamless CGI effects are very amazing and made everything looks very realistic eventhough I believe some explosions are a bit too exaggerated, but I like it. The volume is very high, but it actually adds to the excitement further.

The actor who portrayed as the main character, Alex Hooper in this film performed quite well in the film. Same goes to others. Ahh, wait..the lead actor is Taylor Kitsch…he looks better in short hair on this film than his previous appearance in long hair on ‘John Carter’. However, as for Rihanna, a famous singer nowadays whom made her debut into film appearance on this, I finds she could not fit well into the whole thing. She would be better if remained only in singing career. I finds the movie goes weird whenever she was there in the midst of many breathtaking scenes. Well, the plot is quite straightforward which made the whole story easy to understand, but I detected some plotholes…but I’m sure people going in there for this movie with their mind mostly on the extreme firing and exploding scenes only.

Sorry to Michael Bay. There is someone out there who could challenge you easily on producing this kind of robotic battle in film. Out of 10 points, I rate this movie a total of 7.6. An extreme and explosive movie of 2 hours long that would certainly satisfies people who like this sort of theme. You would certainly be overwhelmed once the battle begins! This movie reminded me of ‘Pearl Harbour’, another movie many years ago, but this one is far better when comparing on the quality of the battle shown. Now, I wish to watch the battle from this ‘Battleship’ again!


3 Responses to “Movie review: Battleship (2012)”

  1. yeah.. it is nice~ i liked this movie too~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. I will probably see this on Netflix when it comes out!

  3. I loved this movie! I can’t wait for it to come out in BR or DVD so I can watch it again on my PS3

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