I was reminded by the Google Doodle that today is the Earth Day

April 22 every year is designated as Earth Day by United Nations. Today is April 22, and hence today is the Earth Day with events to be held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Some communities even expanded the significance of the Earth Day by turning it into Earth Week so that more activities focusing on environmental issues can be held. But WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) on the other hand shrinks the intention into an hour from the Earth Hour movement which turned out to be quite a success with its higher popularity. Anyway, all has the same intention, same objective…which is to keep us aware that we should protect and love our Earth. (Image below from http://wallpapers.dgreetings.com/earth/800_1.htm)

It’s definitely not as popular as the Earth Hour movement, celebrated just last month ago. Earth Hour is pretty much commercialized, and so more people are supporting that global movement. Not everyone would notice that today is the Earth Day, including me myself, but thanks to the Google Doodle today which is designed in dedication to the Earth Day, I was reminded of the day. The Google Doodle showing an animated visual of some kind of flowers or plants blossoming or growing over the ground is quite creative.

What are some of the events held today in Malaysia in support of Earth Day? I think there are some, but since I didn’t go outdoor often lately and I seldom buy newspapers to read anymore (depending on online news portal for that), I didn’t had the chance to get informed of those events. But I think those events in Malaysia would be still in very small scale and less attended as typical Malaysians won’t get excited or pretty much interested on such things. I myself would take this day just like an ordinary Sunday, but I would follows the intention desired from Earth Day or Earth Hour by doing my part on saving the environment not on that particular hour, or in a single day only, but on everyday as long as I live on this lovely planet.

When I searched a bit on this Earth Day’s background, I found that there is an anthem produced for Earth Day with melody of ‘Ode to Joy’ from the famous musician, Ludwig van Beethoven. There is the lyric of the song below:

Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment
Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise
Now we must resolve to protect her
Show her our love through out all time
With our gentle hand and touch
We make our home a newborn world
Now we must resolve to protect her
Show her our love through out all time
With our gentle hand and touch
We make our home a newborn world

(Image above from http://www.9ori.com/en/photos/4314.html)

….Happy Earth Day 2012! Or let’s make everyday as Earth Day, so our care and love to this planet would continue everyday and go beyond boundary.


5 Responses to “I was reminded by the Google Doodle that today is the Earth Day”

  1. turkischland Says:

    Reblogged this on turkischland and commented:
    happy eart day – not hongry- not war –

  2. Great post, earth day should be every day

  3. feels like Earth Day has been pretty big event in San Diego last couple of years. everyday should be earth day 🙂

  4. I agree! It should be every day! Thank you for the glimpse into how other nations “celebrate” Earth day as well. Interesting!

  5. Very nice-thank you for sharing this.

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