Nowadays, many new Facebook games based on hit movies are added…

Those movie producers aren’t getting enough from their motion pictures alone. They started to venture into games, particularly in association to Facebook which would promise huge number of players. What they feel is that, if a person has watched a particular film, and that he or she is interested on it, and then the movie starts to become a hit to everybody, and there comes a good idea for a game created based on the movie, which is expected to achieve similar success as well. Those previous hit Facebook games like Restaurant City and Cityville had almost been forgotten totally by most Facebook users, and this new type of games (based on popular movies) are a new attraction now. (I quit Restaurant City long time ago, but until now, I still played Cityville…incredible!)

The new upcoming film of ‘The Avengers’ has not even been released to the cinema, but its game is already starting to gain popularity among Facebook players. Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man and many other superheroes which can be recruited as the player’s level progresses caught the interest of the players, especially the fans of Marvel. I like Marvel superhero characters, and after there are several invites from my other Facebook friends, I tried this game out. It’s quite interesting anyway, like getting involved in battle with the villains, training up for better fight, purchasing necessary items for stronger team, etc. But I think I will quit the game after a week or two probably (that’s my habit to most of the Facebook games). Shown below is the poster of the game: (image from

For the movie ‘The Avengers’, I’m quite excited that it would finally arrives by end of this month. It would be fun to have many superheroes in one single film, up against Loki as the main villain. Wait…until now, I haven’t even watch ‘Battleship’ yet. Some said it’s very cool, but some said it’s quite boring after repeatedly looking at big explosions over and over again. The trailer looks very cool for me. It’s somehow a bit similar to Transformers…and some says ‘Battleship’ is far better than ‘Transformers’…I’m going to analyse that point once I have watched the movie. Ahh, back to the games in the issue highlighted now first….

Ahh, another movie also got its new game in Facebook. Guess what movie is that? It’s ‘The Hunger Games’. The movie received mainly positive reviews and ratings, and is now on its way topping the box office as the highest grossing film of the year. I like the movie, but I didn’t read the book. So previously, they translated the book into a motion picture, and now, they translated it into a game. I haven’t play this game yet, but just looking at the game’s trailer alone, I don’t feel like playing it. Watching the movie is already good enough. I don’t need much eventhough I like the story. Below shows a screenshot in-game. (image from

Talking about the previous hit movie franchise, Harry Potter. Each films in the franchise is accompanied with a game, but all that are not available to be played on Facebook, because these games are not free indeed which made the games not very much successful and easily connected to the people. On the last film, they even realized about it and tried to release a demo free for all (and I did play it too, but only for a short while, because it’s just a very short demo!) and so the games until now are still not popular, only played by the die-hard fans of the franchise as the cost of the games in the franchise is quite expensive. What’s next then? The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman (to mention a few) are coming out in cinema soon also…are they gonna be games for them too? There is such possibility.



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