A bit to say on the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Okay, the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards came to an end just now and I have finished listening live to it, in broadcast through MY FM radio station. The awards presentation took almost four hours, and I manage to listen to the final parts of the show when main awards are presented.

First of all, a big congratulation to ‘A Simple Life’ for winning most of the main awards of the night; Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor and most of all, Best Film. I didn’t watch the film, but after looking at the success the movie had not only in Hong Kong Film Awards but also in previous awards, I am going to watch it soon. But I’m worried that this kind of movie which I knew a bit of the plot already due to its sudden popularity would gets me boring. Anyway, I think this movie would be nice and very emotional.

Deanie Ip truly shines from this film, and a huge congratulation to her for winning so many Best Actress awards even from as far as in Venice International Film Festival. She also won Best Actress in Golden Horse Awards and Asian Film Awards. Tremendous achievement she had from this film! I like to watch her performance, and she truly deserved this award after so many years being in the Hong Kong film industry. At the current age of 64, she even mentioned that she won’t have any further chance if she didn’t manage to win this year knowing her age is the main resistance.

This is also a great year for Andy Lau as he is awarded the Best Actor for the film before going to welcome a new baby to his family soon. He had previously won Best Actor in Hong Kong Film Awards twice, and this is his third win. Having achieved much popularity even from decades ago, the ‘star’ in him never fades. Sandra Ng as one of the presenters of the award even mentioned that Andy Lau never looks old, and that symbolises that his fame would never dries out. He truly is. A bit bad for Sean Lau Ching-wan for being nominated in two out of five places in best actor category but ended up winning nothing. Nevermind, he also won before Best Actor.

There is a new category of award this year; Best Film of Mainland and Taiwan to give recognition to successful Mandarin-speaking films produced from Taiwan and Mainland China. I am glad that the award goes to ‘You Are The Apple Of My Eye’ which is a very nice movie, and this movie also went on a very much successful path after having grabbed numerous awards previously. I think there is a need for this kind of award, just like in Academy Awards when they have a category in recognition to Best Foreign Language Film.

Well, I didn’t watch most of the nominated films, and so I won’t comment further on other categories. ‘A Simple Life’ won all the five major awards, while ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’ took 5 number of awards, but mostly on minor and technical categories. ‘Life Without Principle’ took two awards, both on supporting actor and actress. ‘Wu Xia’ gets two awards too. The other films that managed to win one award are ‘The Killer Who Never Kills’, ‘Let The Bullets Fly’, ‘Hi, Fidelity’, ‘The Big Blue Lake’ and ‘You Are The Apple Of My Eye’. Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Ni Kuang, a scriptwriter and Professional Achievement Award goes to Fong Ho Yuen, a stills cinematographer.

(For full result of the awards presentation, click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/31st_Hong_Kong_Film_Awards)


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