Powerful 8.6M earthquake at western coast of Sumatra yesterday

8.6! I was shocked yesterday’s night when I heard the news of an earthquake of this scale struck at western coast of Sumatra yesterday’s afternoon. Highrise residents in Malaysia shaken as the location of the earthquake is considered quite near to my country. Too bad I went back to my dad’s home yesterday which is on ground level, which made it very hard to feel the tremor. If I stayed at my sister’s home up at 19th floor that time, I would have feel it.

Don’t really know why but I’m not sensitive to little movement like tremor from earthquake. Eventhough sometimes there are tremors caused from earthquakes at our neighbouring countries, I can’t sense or feel anything while some of my friends or relatives do notice something is wrong. Yesterday gave another chance to me, and I still can’t feel it. But I think the main reason is that me and my family concentrated ourselves fully into a rummy game yesterday which is made a holiday to celebrate the king’s installation.

I heard from the news that tsunami alert is on for few hours before it is officially lifted, and I’m glad no tsunami occurred, which is usually the culprit behind lost of many lives from the earthquake. Many are much worried of tsunami rather than earthquake, because one giant sweep of wave can already flatten everything on its path. It’s such a luck for this region of not being struck by tsunami yesterday as the earthquake of such magnitude could have lead to gigantic waves easily. 8.6M! That is a huge figure. Previously, the one that struck in 2004 on this region and a recent one (last year) that struck on Japan coast had a bit over 9.0M and both contributed to tsunamis that killed a lot of people. Yesterday’s one is 8.6. There is another earthquake occurred yesterday at Mexico, measuring 7.0M which is considered a massive one as well. Too many earthquakes in one single day. Luckily, there is no major damage from both the earthquakes. God bless…


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