Movie review: Wrath Of The Titans (2012)

To further enjoy and understand the story from this film, one must watch the ‘Clash of the Titans’ released few years ago which ‘Wrath of the Titans’ is the sequel to that. However, things came in different storyline this time, but still using the same characters from the first film in this franchise. I didn’t write any review for ‘Clash of the Titans’, but that first film was a nice and enjoyable one.

‘Wrath of the Titans’ follows on the story few years later from the first film with Perseus, the son of Zeus taking care of his son and living as a normal human being, not until his father, Zeus called for his help to prevent plan by Ares, his another son whom is the God of War and Hades, his brother whom is the God of Underworld to wake Kronos, a gigantic fire monster to unleash destruction over the land. Perseus finally accepted the fact that he is not only a human, but also a God with responsibility and duty to protect the people, in which in the beginning he wished to continue his life as a normal human being, while Hades at last finally turned over a new leaf. (sorry for a little spoiler here) The story is delivered quite well with some interesting twists and escapes, more shots on adventures with impressive visual effect and nothing much on love relationship which I hated the most. The only part I get confused is the one when they are trapped in a kind of maze on the secret way to the Tartarus where Zeus is captured.

I expected a lot of exciting action-packed or particularly battle scenes from this film, and I’m not disappointed at all. There are a lot of breathtaking scenes from the beginning till the end of the film that will never bored the viewers. There are some amazing shots shown over some beautiful settings in the film, and I like those moments. There are feeling sparked within; something that brought us deep into the adventure of Perseus through ocean, jungle, desert and underworld. The plot is engaging, and it is not complicated despite there are quite a lot of story regarding the Greek Gods and their mythology.

There is always a very massive gigantic monster coming out at the end as the climax for this franchise. Kraken, a sea beast is the one for the ‘Clash of the Titans’. For this ‘Wrath of the Titans’, it’s the Kronos, a huge fire monster out from a mountain unleashed from Tartarus, deep within underworld. As similar to the first film of the franchise, the giant beasts are too easy to be destroyed by Perseus, with the first one by showing a head of snakes (if you can still remember) and this one by throwing a spear into the throat of Kronos. I find that too unmatchable and simple to the challenging things that Perseus went through from the beginning eventhough those monsters are the final enemy of him.

Everything from this film is fresh, with nothing similar from the first film coming out again other than the symbolic characters of those Gods. There is even a new character that I find interesting, Agenor, another half human and half god whom is the son of Poseidon, calling himself the navigator and helping Perseus to find the man that created the weaponry for the Gods. The disappointing thing over these characters is that there is no emotional depth felt despite there are several number of relationships between them; grandson, cousin, lover, father and son, uncle and nephew. It would be much better if they did emphasize on this which is necessary for us to truly experience the characters in another way. That’s why the film took less than one and a half hour. It would be better if it’s in 2 hours. Only then every elements would be delivered sufficiently.

I like the climax. It’s breathtaking! It’s exciting eventhough it’s too easy to kill the Kronos in the end. I expected much harder and challenging moments for Perseus on dealing with that terrifying fire monster. The power of Hades and Zeus united together in the end while facing Kronos should be shown more. That moments are too little. I see too much emphasis is given on Perseus, which is totally unfair to the supporting characters at the time when all of them should be needed, to make the final battle more comprehensive. Anyway, it’s a good film, and I think it’s a bit even better than the first film. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Wrath of the Titans’ a total of 7.6. An interesting, exciting, thrilling and ‘massive’ movie!


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