Earth Hour 2012 in KL…not much difference actually.

Now, this shows Kuala Lumpur city before and during Earth Hour 2012. (The image is from The Star Online)

The difference between the two images is very obvious, but also very minimal. Only several buildings in Kuala Lumpur turned off their non-essential lights for the Earth Hour event, particularly the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower. Where is the others? Majority of the other buildings located in the city have had not much lights over their facade already, and hence there is actually nothing much for these buildings to do in support of this event.

Unlike cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur is not in favour of buildings with impressive decorative lights. This is so disappointing, but when you think the other way round, KL city is actually saving electricity every day, not only during the Earth Hour itself only. I like cities that are beautifully lighted at night which presents the vibrant and happening life of the city at night, turning it into a city that never sleeps. KL is not. Many buildings are already in dark every night and so during this Earth Hour event, not much difference can be spotted on other buildings.

I myself did manage to take photographs using my phone over at 19th floor of the city from a very far distance before and during the Earth Hour 2012. I zoom in a lot, and so the images must be blur, but definitely still can see the differences before and during Earth Hour.

Well, what I can see is that there is still the effort over here in Malaysia in showing support to the Earth Hour, but in very minimal amount. However, this year I can see that the buildings in the city turned off their lights at around the same time, which makes everything so synchronized on 8.30pm that night. I am also a bit disappointed because the Earth Hour event in Malaysia is not receiving much attention from the media and even from the main organization itself, WWF as all of their promotional clips, news and galleries do not include Malaysia. Well, our Petronas Twin Towers do stand out as one of the world landmarks participating in the event, and it is not mentioned.



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