Off to Malacca tomorrow, the fifth time in my life going to the heritage city

I will be leaving to Malacca tomorrow with my sisters, nephews and cousins. This is organized by my eldest sister as a break for her after years of little entertainment due to her time mostly given on taking care of her two babies. She would want to bring her two sons, my nephews to play and take photographs at the trip too. I would just follow along and enjoy this upcoming trip then.

The trip isn’t long; it only takes two days, one day in A Famosa Resort, and the next day in the heritage town as planned. We are going to stay in the villa from the resort. When we are in A Famosa, we would go for the Animal Safari and the Cowboy Town, while skipping the Waterworld, as we are not so interested in water games, and that would be dangerous to my two little nephews as well.

Talking about A Famosa Resort, I remembered I have been there with my family and relatives back in around 10 years ago. Yes…around ten years ago, when I was just a little kid. I remembered a little bit on visiting the Animal Safari and playing at the Waterworld. We skipped the Cowboy Town that time, and I forgot the reason. Yeah, well…overall, I have been to Malacca four times, with the first one back over 15 years ago, which I couldn’t remember anything from the trip as I was really too young that time. The second time is the one I mentioned earlier when we went to the A Famosa for the first time.

The third time is somewhere around 5 years ago, when I followed my aunt to visit her relative living in a bungalow at Malacca during Chinese New Year. The fourth time is interesting. It was just three years ago, and it’s a site visit from the whole class in my architecture study. There is an accompanying design project in which we need to design a house for our respective client, and my client is Mozart, the famous musician. That is an interesting design assignment and I scored pretty well for that. It is also fun walking around the heritage town with friends while doing site observation and analysis, even under the scorching sun. That is the first time I have been to the Jonker Walk too, a famous happening street in Malacca town at night.

So, tomorrow I would be going to Malacca for the fifth time. It’s nice visiting the state again, especially the town where many heritage buildings can be seen. There are also quite a number of new developments, like the waterfront area, an observation tower (ahh, it’s called Taming Sari Tower and I went up there before in my previous trip to the town), and some new shopping malls. It’s a nice and beautiful place, while  A Famosa Resort is a great addition of leisure and entertainment to the state.


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