Movie review: This Means War (2012)

Ignore the majority of negative reviews given to this film. ‘This Means War’ is indeed a good film to watch. I don’t really understand why it would receives such a poor rating. For me, this movie is generally entertaining and interesting to watch. ‘This Means War’ is a romantic comedy film with a bit of thriller involving two CIA agents whom discovered that both of them are dating the same woman that leads to ‘war’ between them. 

That plot or idea of having two top CIA agents using necessary equipments and technology to prevent each other from successfully creating a romantic moment with the same woman they fall in love is incredibly fun and interesting to watch. There is of course some elements of humour added, as both of them plotting against each other so their opponent would fail to impress the woman. While on the other hand, the woman follows the advice of her friend to get the best of that, which allows for many romantic yet funnily- halted situations. 

I am glad that major portion of the film is dedicated to that, which follows the title of the film itself, because in the beginning, I do worry that the theme of having the two agents in war between themselves is limited. Luckily, it’s not, and that leads to a great film with the presence of an international criminal handled by the two main characters as a supporting framework to the story which leads to a dramatic ending. Many elements are delivered in the right amount in this film, and the flow of story is considered quite fast and well-organized, especially in the number of changing scenes between one of the agent (Tuck or Foster) with the girl they are dating, Lauren. 

Well, this isn’t about action scenes from the two CIA agents (but there are still some). It’s about the way they spy on each other, and all those ‘war’ between them as mentioned earlier for the girl. The performance by the main casts are generally good, and I find a good chemistry between the pairs too (between Tuck and Foster as the two agents who are best friends, between Tuck and Lauren, and especially between Foster and Lauren that ends up together in this film). The script is well-written too. Well, there isn’t anything seriously poor in this film, and it’s truly worth watching while providing some form of entertainment with use of such an awesome theme. Out of 10 points, I rate this film a total of 7.7.


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  1. Good review and you hit the nail on the head about the type of film this is. I can’t understand all the negative reviews either. Have a read at my review,

    What do you think?

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