Movie review: Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island (2012)

Have you guys remembered Journey To The Center Of The Earth, starring Brendan Fraser and Josh Hutcherson? Well, Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island (which can be read in one single line as journey to the mysterious island) is the sequel to that, but without Brendan Fraser. This time, Dwayne Johnson took the leading role, while Josh is now much mature to take on bigger role.

This action-adventure film is definitely about an adventure, a thrilling one, of a boy, Sean (Josh Hutcherson) together with his stepfather (Dwayne Johnson) in search for the mysterious island somewhere hidden in Pacific Ocean and also to look for his grandfather (Michael Caine), accompanied with the tour guide (Luis Guzman) along with his daughter (Vanessa Hudgens), which then he felt in love with.

The pace of the story went quick, and without wasting any much time, the adventure to look for the mysterious island begins. I am so happy that the usual boring beginning just went through so quick and that is certainly enough to warm up our mood for the journey to begin too. And that part of looking for the island went off quick too, as we are quickly brought to and introduced to the visual of the island. I like the part how the characters especially Sean’s grandpa who had been there for a long time adapting to the unique environment there. In the island, there is a volcano that erupts gold lava, and also the presence of opposing nature law to the living species in the island; like the elephants appear very small while insects are big in the island. The lost city of Atlantis which is supposed to be underwater rise to the surface of the island too, with then scientific explanation regarding that city described in the story too.

Many parts are hilarious, ( but I find some parts which are supposed to evoke laughter are a bit dumb and pointless…nevermind, I take that lightly) and extra credit to the tour guide (Luis Guzman) for making us laugh the most among all the characters present. I think his character’s main objective is just for making the story much funnier, while his daughter’s character is for the love with the main character, Sean. Besides that, the stepfather’s character is for Sean’s character to realize that his stepfather is indeed a good and caring person to the family, while the grandpa’s character is for Sean’s inspiration, that leads to such an incredible adventure where all this starts. Understand all that relationship? That is what makes every characters in  the movie connected together pretty well, without anyone left behind (forget about Sean’s mother in the movie, she is just a supporting one without involvement in the adventure).

The adventure is a fun and an exciting one, and also a dangerous one. But I find that the amount of danger exposure to the characters is not delivered much enough that would keep us at the edge of our seats. There is only a bit of chasing scenes (the first by the giant lizard, then comes the giant bird, and finally an electric eel underwater). The other danger faced is the freak storm at the beginning, then the search for captain’s journal in a cave, sinking of Atlantis city with the whole island, and the losing of power from the submarine that they used to escape. Well, I have provided a lot of spoiler here…..sorry for that if you have not watched this film. Well, basically all the intensity or danger elements from the story are already shown from the trailer itself. Actually I expect much more climax moments, but I am a bit disappointed from it.

Well, even the visual effects of the island is not that impressive. I mean the graphic of the island, is not the best, not the one with the similar quality by films directed by James Cameron. Well, this one is directed by Brad Peyton. I think it would be only better if you watch it in 3D, but still it has to be already good in 2D right?! I’m not really that amazed at the first impression of the visual of the island. Nevermind, I am quite enjoyed by just getting along with that adventure from that group that finally gets along together pretty well, with no more serious insulting or arguing. We do learnt some good moral values from the movie too. Hmm…so overall, the movie is entertaining and interesting, but just not that exciting enough for me. So, I rate ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ a rating of 7.3, with a long movie review.


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