Awesome Chinese New Year 2012 decoration at Pavilion KL!

Chinese New Year is coming very soon and the Chinese are going to celebrate the upcoming year of dragon. Chinese New Year mood is back with the desire to listen to some of the new year songs, desire to look at some new year decorations and also desire to eat new year biscuits and cookies! Haha…Today, I went to Pavilion KL. Why? The main objective is to see the Chinese New Year decoration at the shopping mall, from outside to the inside of the mall at its atrium.

Every year Pavilion KL would present wonderful decorations, especially for Christmas and this Chinese New Year where many different styles of decorations and displays are possible. In celebrating the year of dragon, the highlight of the decoration is a very long and gigantic dragon exhibit hovering inside the main atrium of the mall. The dragon exhibit is so famous until it is being photographed and circulated throughout social networking sites like Facebook, and even been published in newspapers. What’s more to represent the year of dragon than a huge-scale dragon exhibit itself…which is very cool and awesome!

Ahhaaa….also not to forget the main entrance of Pavilion. The bear exhibits that have been there around the plaza and fountain in front of the mall for almost a month gets not much attention anymore. The highlight is now over the red-filled decorations to match with the festival of Chinese New Year. I even saw Malays taking photographs over the beautiful decorations. Many foreigners are seen fascinated by the decorations too. Everyone there is busy taking photographs including myself. It is so hard to take pictures due to the huge number of people blocking the view. Anyway, I still took quite a lot of pictures using my phone, looking at different angles and levels.

The main entrance of the mall is decorated in a way that it resembles a main gate to the Forbidden City, the Chinese imperial palace. I also like the exhibits of baby dragons crawling over a facade of Royal Selangor outlet right beside the mall’s main entrance. Then, exhibit of trees of red filled the path of red carpet that leads down to the main atrium floor. The decorations are accompanied by lanterns, imperial Chinese costumes, antique Chinese paintings and colourful flowers. There are few kiosks in the gold-coloured gazebos that resemble frame of traditional Chinese pavilion at the main atrium floor. The atmosphere is accompanied with Chinese new year songs, but I think it should be played a bit louder. The place is quite crowded even in normal weekday. I wonder how many people would be there during weekends. Ahhaa…the streets outside the mall are also decorated with lanterns and blue lights hanging over the roads.


2 Responses to “Awesome Chinese New Year 2012 decoration at Pavilion KL!”

  1. Cool post! It is time to visit this mall !!!!!

  2. […] at the Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese New Year in 2012, in a photo taken by fellow blogger Vincent Loy.  Even nine months into this blogging adventure, I’m still amazed at what I can find with a […]

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