It’s my birthday! Turning 20 already…

Ahh, my 20th birthday arrived! Happy Birthday to myself! Ahha…I started to see snow falling over my blog here too! Nice…

What’s my feeling of turning into 20? I feel excited and at the same time, a bit sad. I’m excited because it’s my birthday of course and it’s the first time my age begins with digit 2. I feel sad because it’s a sign of getting older and older, and sometimes I feel much happier going back to childhood times where everything is less to worry and stress for.

So, by now, I have been on this world for exactly two decades. That is not a very long period of time, but I do seriously learn from the past, from how childish I am when I was kid or even teen, how innocent I am before to now, present: …..when I started to be more careful, considerate, learn to let go, and thinks positively. That’s a good thing right? It’s part of our process on growing up to become an adult, whom is responsible on dealing with much bigger issues ahead. I’m ready for challenge. After reaching 20 years of age, it’s time to step forward and think differently, with support of experience gained for the past two decades for a better life ahead.

Birthday wish? Hmm…there is always no specific wish for that. When I was kid, all I was wishing every year was getting good grades for examination. Now, I have to say I’m a bit greedy already. I’m wishing for more wishes that would come true! Haha….it would be too generous wishing for world peace and freedom which myself as an individual can’t do much things about it…so basically, my wish would be….ahheemm…won’t tell…haha…but those kind of wish won’t differs from you and others….we are all human after all….

Happy Birthday to myself once again! I’m happy for turning into 20! So, next year would be my time to step further into age of 21, when by then, I’m free to do many things. But then, once you are more exposed, then you would be more in danger. So, stay careful, attentive, and right now, I’m enjoying my life ahead during this holiday, awaiting for graduation on this upcoming 17th December!


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